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Gannet landing zone - Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

Image courtesy of Froskeland


Unit Standard 23766 - V1, Level 3, Credit 5 - Demonstrate knowledge of the tourism product - Element 3 (PC 3.2)


The experiential nature of the tourism product is described


Choose a tourism attraction that operates in the Hawkes Bay region and describe the experiential nature (service and experience) of tourism as a product, from the perspective of that business.

Eg. Gannet Beach Adventures is a family oriented eco-friendly beach tour to the world famous gannet sanctuary located at Cape Kidnappers in the Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

With over fifty-six years' experience, Gannet Beach Adventures provides an approximate four-hour mild, safe and comfortable adventure. We travel along the majestically rugged coastline of Cape Kidnappers to the world's largest mainland Gannet nesting site. Sit on a cushioned trailer, pulled by a unique vintage tractor, and enjoy the fresh open air travelling along the beach at the base of the towering cliffs.

Answer: Visitors get to experience the novelty of an outdoor ride on a vintage tractor, along with the thrill of travelling along a spectacular beach, with a final destination - a world famous gannet sanctuary.

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