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Bali, Customer Service Officer

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Unit Standard 23759 - Provide customer service experiences in a tourism workplace - Level 3, Credit 10, Version 1- Element 1 (PC1.1 - 1.2)


Providing excellent customer service


You are employed at the Napier iSite Information Centre as a customer service consultant.

The centre provides a one-stop online shop for all enquiries, reservations for accommodation, bookings for sightseeing tours and activities while in Napier and Hawke's Bay and for purchasing gifts and souvenirs.

As a consultant you are required:

  • to assist with all bookings (both in person and on the phone)
  • have accurate and full product/service knowledge of the attractions offered at the iSite
  • handle general enquires
  • always mantain an open, honest and friendly manner
  • do what you can to make the customer feel special and exceed their expectations
  • maintain a clean and organised workstation
  • maintain personal presentation in accordance with your workplace policies and procedures

Task One

  • Your first task is to go to the company website and fully acquaint yourself with all services and products available. (Resources below)
  • Make notes of any questions you may have about the company and its products and services (and ask your tutor) so that all information is fully clear to you before you attempt your role play assessment
  • You will be required to complete a Booking Confirmation Voucher/s for each of your three role plays - they will be supplied to you.


Supporting Resources