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Group Portfolio weighting 50% marked out of 100



Learning Outcomes:

2. Prepare a conference portfolio/brochure

3. Process specific travel and accommodation requirements for conference and event delegates

4. Process the catering requirements

5. Design a themed dinner/lunch/Event

6. Establish objectives for a conference

7. Investigate venue selection

8. Generate Banquet Event Order

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Conference and Event Planning


You have been given the responsibility by Tourism Industry Association, of arranging the New Zealand Tour Operators Conference in Dunedin,  November 19th - 21st, of this year. As a reasonably new Conference Organisation business you really want to showcase your skills.

The theme for the conference is 'The importance of Cultural Tourism to New Zealand' and you have been asked to organise guest speakers, workshops and breakout groups.

You have been told to expect around 120 delegates (there will be another 25 partners) to the conference and will need accommodation for approximately 60 people. Travel and accommodation is at the expense of those attending the conference.

The conference is a 3 day event with lunches, morning and afternoon teas - including a Themed Celebration event on the final night. Registration for conference attendees is set at $700 and $250 for partners, from this you have to factor in venue/equipment hire, the day tour, themed event (partners included) and lunch on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, plus morning and afternoon teas and whatever else eg. decorations,menus, entertainment.

Conference attendees have been encouraged to bring their partners so you are expecting around 25. You are to plan a days' full activities for them which promote the attractions of the city.

  • Brainstorming

Who, what, when, why and how? Dates for the conference, theme, guest speakers, exhibitions, workshops, programme, venue. Look at the resource links provided in the task to get some ideas.


To successfully complete this course, you will need to present a portfolio of information that represents your complete client file for this conference (Supporting Resources). Note: All forms should feature your company branding/logo. Your group must chose the branding/logo to be used. Present the conference proposal to the client in the form of a group marketing pitch presentation. Plan, prepare and participate in a themed event. Complete a team participation form reflecting on the process.

This conference will be planned as a group activity rather than individually.

1. Your first task is to assign a leader and an organiser for your group.

Tasks as a group

Your first task as a group, will be to design a Conference Enquiry Form – this should be completed with all details relevant to the client. Once you have done this you need to roleplay it through just to make sure you have not missed any detail (your client is Ms Lynn Brandham her contact details are ph 479 6153 or Send it to the Client with a confirmation note acknowledging their request.

2. The next task will be to design a conference registration form for potential delegates – will need full delegate details and information about their travel and accommodation requirements or any special needs.

3. Design a Venue Inspection Form. You will need to supply three venues suitable for the conference, for consideration, a form completed for each. Your venue inspection form should list all the clients requirements for the venue; capacity, lighting, equipment, parking, accommodation, air conditioning etc

4. Action Plan – what needs to be done, by whom and when? Remember to work backwards from the event to now to ensure you set appropriate timelines

5. Travel and Accommodation checklists – clear lists showing all requirements for travel and accommodation arrangements to be made including accommodation type,dates, numbers etc.  Information and costings regarding any transport needed to and from the venues, airports( this needs to be done once the registration forms have been completed)

6. Letter of confirmation to accommodation provider confirming accommodation booking requirements (even if accommodation is at same venue)

7. Outline of themed event proposal including costings for extra props, decorations or equipment if necessary. All the information regarding the OP event you are organizing. Risk assessment form to be filled in.

8. Complete breakdown of catering requirements – what is required, when it’s required, where it’s required and the numbers

9. Consideration of sponsorship. Complete a list of 10 potential sponsors and provide 3 reasons why they should consider sponsoring this event.

10. Complete event proposal for client agreement - the programme and budget

11. Your group will also have to create a guided day tour (attractions) of Dunedin for those guests accompanying the conference delegates. When, where and how as well as an itinerary and costs are to be part of your brief

12. Goodie bag with complete breakdown of costs, add this to the budget details

13. Notes giving consideration to contingency plans for 3 things that could go wrong during the conference at any stage and what your Plan B would be, include information regarding your insurance policy (conference and exhibitions insurance

14. The Banquet Event Order (BEO) for the venue for each day of the conference

  • This proposal should be bound and handed to your tutor by Tuesday 21st June . 
  • The main sections of the portfolio will be explained in the form of a 10 minute presentation to the client on Tuesday' 21st June'.  (Uniforms or smart dress required)

Supporting Resources

  • [ Registration form]