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Community Media Workshops that Build Local Capacity

The Commonwealth of Learning in conjunction with international, national, regional and local partners throughout the Commonwealth is interested in project which build capacity in Community Media. We are interested in workshops that help to develop stronger organisational structures; identify good processes; participate in Learning Activities and develop Effective Learning Programmes.

Our Objectives

In General:

  • to create awareness of the importance of readiness for facilitation as a "process skill"
  • to facilitate skill development in trainers, who in turn facilitate skills development in others
  • to promote effective learning, community engagement and sustainability


  • to enable groups to work together by identifying best practices for Media for Learning;
    • to identify successful / promising formats & analyse the critical success factors for their success
  • to get people to think about processes in developing 3-5-year Effective Learning Programs that span 3-5 years (i.e., things that enable things to happen in program / process development
  • to generate awareness of Program Outcomes (over 3-5 years)

Desired Outputs & Deliverables

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Tip: Specifc Outputs and Deliverables get attention

DRAFT curriculum for workshop
  • We would like this to be done in enough time for us to provide you with detailed feedback on this DRAFT ~ this includes the pacing, learning activities, objectives, and facilitating process items), which you can then consider and possibly revise the curriculum based upon it. Ideally, we could get some feedback from the CoP as well. The DRAFT Curriculum could then be FINALISED, prior to the workshop. (There will likely be some tweaking when the workshop is in session, and we would like to record / capture this too.)
Educational Materials

(to be posted to the Community Media node on WikiEducator)

  • diagrams of organisation structure (before and after);
  • a summary of the process (so that it can be shared with others, particularly in the CofP)
  • a summary of organization structure
  • any policies created (e.g. concerning political involvement or commercialization)
  • the FINAL workshop curriculum, including activities/ exercises, examples, case studies of good community radio structures, etc.
  • Images, audio, video ~ multimedia inforrmation reflecting who, what, how, when and why ~ advance planning

Workshop Planning Process

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Tip: Consider the following questions
  • Is this a standalone workshop or is it part of a sequence? If the latter, when are the following workshops scheduled? What communications and activities are planned for filling the gap, and who is accountable / responsible?
  • Are you expecting that the facilitators will visit the organisation in advance of the workshop(s) to discuss the plan with the station and some community reps?
  • Are you expecting facilitators and/or observers (outside the training organisation and the NGO) to attend? Who are they, and what is the reason for their attendance?

Communications, Reporting & Evaluation

  • Summary Announcement: Write a summary of the workshop to be held so that it can be officially announced on the Media Discussion List / Community of Practice (CofP) - to let others know about this effort and point towards any relevant resources on (or soon-to-be) on the wiki. You may wish to promote it on other relevant channels of communication and information.
  • Evaluation: Lessons Learned & Critical Success Factors. How are you going to evaluate the success of the workshop, and develop Lessons Learned about pre-, during, and post-workshop(s) from different stakeholder perspectives. Also, how did this workshop meet the objectives of the major stakeholders?
  • News Item. Write a news story focused on the workshop and including the points from the Evaluation - that we can use to inform and communicate to the CofP, and other stakeholders. This 'news story' should be written on the wiki, and then linked to the Community Media and other locations.
  • Action Plan. Wiki page indicating the Action Plan, next steps, roles, etc. (i.e., with assignments and accountabilities)