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Effectively using technologies for keeping communities engaged

The Community Engagement space on WikiEducator is a project aimed at supporting NGOs to create, use, remix and adapt open education resources (OERs), and effectively using technologies for keeping communities engaged. It builds on the success of the Community Media/Community Radio community of practice, which enabled sharing of ideas, resources and good practices among organizations.

Sharing ideas, practices and resources to increase capacity for change

Benefits include:

  • lower costs for education, training, organizational learning and development
  • faster time-to-market via peer collaboration
  • reduce duplication and 'reinventing the wheel'
  • easily publish to a wide variety of formats (i.e., brochure, booklets, videos, audio, CDs, DVDs, course manuals, handouts, online magazine, etc.)
  • free access, use and adaptation of easy-to-use templates - for planning, training, policy development, outreach/education and capacity-building
  • develop knowledge of smart techniques, technologies and tools for online / distance learning
  • unlimited use of a top 100K wiki (24/7/365) - with no storage, hosting, bandwidth or technical support fees ($10,000+ value, per year)
  • free access to a Community of Support/Volunteers for technical and content questions
  • engage your stakeholders and reach out to a wider community
  • membership in a peer network of like-minded organizations
  • connections to the open source ecosystem

Free Wiki Skills Training - coming soon!

We are adapting the innovative and successful Learning4Content wiki skills training course - which has trained 3,500 people in 120 countries, and funded by the Hewlett Foundation - to support the interests of NGOs and nonprofit organizations. Join our Discussion Group for the latest news and course announcements.


How To Use This Website

We encourage you to create, adapt and share resources on this wiki. It's free!

In turn, you will be supporting your local and global community of NGO peers to save time, money and collabOERate efficiently.


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To Do

  • Newbie survey
  • Customize & Revise L4C-Community Engagement
  • Change management methodology
  • End of course debrief/evaluation
  • Adopt-an-NGO idea

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News & Events

Community University launching in Portland, Oregon - July 22, 2010
In the spirit of sharing our creative energy and knowledge with one another. Albert Kaufman has gathered together with Michele Brooks, David Franklin and Noelani Rodriguez to bring you Part I of Our Community University. Thurs, July 22, 2010 in Portland, OR. See:

US charities too understaffed to effectively deliver programs

A new US survey found that 40% of charities feel they are too understaffed to effectively deliver their programs and services. Also, approximately one in three had reduced staff in recent months. Additionally, nearly 40% had instituted a salary freeze, 36% had not filled open positions, about 25% had increased the number of hours they expected employees to work, and another 25% had reduced or cut benefits. -- Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, July 2010

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