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The purpose of this tutorial is to:
  • introduce the concept of collaborative video editing
  • provide basic instructions on using the Kaltura collaborative video editing feature
  • introduce tips and ideas on using Kaltura in WikiEducator
  • host a gallery of exemplary examples of Kalturas used in WikiEducator

Welcome to the Collaborative Video Help and Sandbox page. This page allows you to carry out experiments using the Collaborative Video functionality of this wiki. This is the place to play around with collaborative videos, experiment with adding new material, editing and more. If you want to dive even deeper, you can also check versioning, history, revert, undo and more. You can also view a full tutorial on how to use collaborative video wikis.

More information on Collaborative Videos:

A collaborative video is a video created together by multiple users. Anyone with editing permissions can add photos, videos and sounds, edit them in a full-featured online video editor and then post it as a widget on any wiki page. Adding a collaborative video widget takes less than a minute. Try it out – to start a new video, click the Collaborative Video link in the toolbox to the left. Or add to the video on this page by clicking the "Add" button under the video screen. Enjoy!

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