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  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Introduction to Events
  3. Introduction to Meetings


  1. Determining the purpose of the meeting (event)
  2. Identifying relationship of meeting (event) to organizational strategy
  3. Identifying stakeholder needs, expectations, and desired outcomes
  4. Preparing program outline (e.g., topics, content, potential speakers)
  5. Obtaining and analyzing statistics and historical information related to meetings (events)
  6. Design program details that meet needs of participants
  7. Identify successful criteria for evaluation of meeting (event)
  8. Preparing comprehensive timeline (project plan) for meeting (event)
  9. Preparing meeting (event) specifications
  10. Developing marketing plan for meeting (event)
  11. Assessing technology requirements
  12. Creating marketing materials for the meeting (event)
  13. Creating, leading and managing project team


  1. Identifying ancillary revenue sources and/or cost savings opportunities
  2. Developing budget for meeting (event)
  3. Determining fees for participation, if any
  4. Conducting Request for Proposals (RFP) process
  5. Negotiating contracts
  6. Securing appropriate types and amounts of insurance
  7. Managing resources within budgeted guidelines
  8. Ensuring completion of the payment and/or billing processes


  1. Determining the appropriate geographic location for the meeting (event)
  2. Determining the appropriate venue for the meeting (event) (e.g., hotel, convention centre,conference centre)
  3. Conducting site inspection to determine viability of location and venue including potential offsite activities
  4. Conducting a pre-meeting (event) briefing (pre-con) with suppliers and facility providers [2-3]
  5. Coordinating security procedures with venues
  6. Planning, ordering, and overseeing technology requirements for the meeting (event) [2-3]
  7. Conducting a post-meeting (event) review (post-con) with suppliers and facility providers


  1. Establishing invitation and/or registration procedures for the meeting (event)
  2. Assessing risk management issues in order to determine needed insurance and operations
  3. Determining exhibitor booth assignments and setup process for exhibits
  4. Securing transportation arrangements for the meeting (event)
  5. Managing the housing reservation process
  6. Identifying security measures required for each facility and/or meeting (event)
  7. Communicating travel arrangements for participants to get to and from an event site
  8. Managing all aspects of food and beverage functions
  9. Preparing and reviewing housing reports in a timely manner
  10. Determining the setup for function rooms including seating and audiovisual (A/V) requirements
  11. Coordinating the shipping of materials to and from the meeting (event) site
  12. Tracking and recording continuing education credits earned


  1. Reviewing goals of meeting and determine details of program to meet those goals
  2. Securing speakers
  3. Manage the contractual relationship with speakers
  4. Securing entertainment for the meeting (event) (e.g., music, artists)
  5. Determining food and beverage arrangements that support program objectives
  6. Arranging ancillary programs in conjunction with the meeting (event) including pre-and post-meeting activities
  7. Determining audiovisual (A/V) needs
  8. Arranging media and public relation activities for the meeting (event)


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