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Happy New Year Everyone,

Here is the login information for Monday's meeting beginning at Noon, Pacific Time:

Phone Pin (888) 886-3951 988320

Use the same PIN for the online meeting.

Scroll down to the CCCOER Governing Board and click on "GO".

At Cable's request I've reserved 4 hours but I don't expect everyone to hang in that long.

Our basic agenda is:

   * Agenda Revision - Group
 * Instructions from the Board to the Executive Director - Board
 * Organizational Structure - Report from Liza and Jacky
 * Report on OCWC negotiations - Report from Liza
 * Membership Recruitment/Renewal - Liza and ??
 * 2011 Program Activities - Discussion led by Liza
 * Report from James G-G on DoL and other funding
 * Report from Liza on progress on the new Hewlett proposal
 * Request from Angela for GB response to Internet Governance Forum (see background below)

Here's a link to our pending issues page:[[1]]

I'll try to write some coherent background notes and send them to you tomorrow. We can adjust the agenda depending on what you all bring to the party. Please email me if there is a discussion topic you would like to add to the agenda and lead.


Cable, James, Liza, Jacky, Stephanie, Mary Lou, John, Sharyn, Una, Angela

Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at 12:10pm PST

1. Agenda Revision
• Cable began meeting, Liza asked for review of agenda.
• Liza asked for other items to add to agenda.
• Cable suggested engaging Educause prior to next conference. None else added.
• John indicated that he can only be here for first two hours to record minutes.
• Liza will investigate what Geoff posted on wiki at end of session (Geoff cannot attend).

2. Instructions from the Board to the Executive Director
• Liza asked for direction from the board…how much can she do independently.
• Cable indicated that Liza should have the freedom to make decisions and come to the board for guidance.
• James GG suggested we provide Liza with more specific guidance.
• Jacky referred the group to Geoff’s previous comments about whether or not the Executive Director consults the governing board sufficiently.
• Liza asked if she should take the lead on communications and consult board, or have board actively involved. Jacky suggested that the affiliated board members take the lead and Liza help encourage.
• Communication strategy: (1) keep communication limited and on an as-needed basis; (2) email if brief, concise and infrequent; (3) maybe voting tools?
• Cable: we should not be concerned about the details…leave those to the Exec. Director. Bring big issues to the board. Must trust the staff to make decisions within the broad mission.
• Liza: Am I managing the staff? Cable: Yes.
• Jacky redirected to Geoff’s questions about Organizational Issues…
• Geoff had asked about budget documents. Jacky points to links she posted in wiki in response.
• Jacky reviewed budget, paid staff, etc. (from wiki).
• Geoff suggested that budget and flow chart be shared with governing board.
• Liza requested information as well…she is non-voting member of board, so should receive information.
• Liza indicated that she has no ability to manage certain staff. When figuring CCCOER budget, Liza asked Jacky if resources (human) are to be made available to her.
• Liza and Jacky will have to sit down and agree as to where the resources will be used.
• Cable: how can we make this “uncomplicated”? Much confusion remains as to where current funds can be used. Future funds will resolve ambiguity issues.
• Jacky: Geoff’s question – relationships between CCCOER and COT and other organizations.
• Another question from Geoff – OER statement/definition. Jacky: there are clearly conflicts of interest that can exist between organizations. Members of collaborative are chosen because they are interested in open textbooks.
• Jacky continued to point out Geoff’s questions. Please see wiki for more info under “Organizational Issues”
• Liza recommended a redirect to next items on agenda.

3. Organizational Structure – Report from Liza and Jacky
• Liza: recall of past quarterly meeting discussion of what to do with CCCOER…none involved sticking with FHDA.
• Jacky: didn’t we already choose OCW? No need to discuss options, right?
• Liza: Should Mary Lou and Liza continue the way they’re going, or should there be restrictions?
• John: yes. Cable: Yes. Bring to the board the voting topics and asynchronous discussion.

5. Membership Recruitment/Renewal
• Cable: perhaps we run a CCCOER advisory board member in OCW board elections and OCW board member(s) can be advisory members for CCCOER
• Liza: go to website and look at membership options currently posted.
• Discussion of membership and how many votes each member gets.
• Discussion of dues and their value when talking up CCCOER and grant opportunities.
• Liza: In order to be attractive, we need to have attractive membership benefits.

6. Elections – Do we need them?
• Cable: Let’s get into OCW and get a feel for it…run some candidates…then see what happens.
• Liza: Message to Stephanie – elections are on hold.

7. 2011 Program Activities
• Liza: I think we need to convene the program board. Susie is willing to continue as program chair, but time is limited.
• Liza: Do we still need quarterly meetings? Jacky: They are a relic of original Hewlett grant. We don’t need to continue.
• James asked if the 2Q meeting at COC is still on.

8. Report from James GG on DOL and other funding
• James: for funding purposes, it’s essential that we have a funding structure to be able to accept funds. Happy with OCW choice.
• All info channels have gone silent on DOL funding. Best guess is that it’s tied to instability of funding in general.
• CCCOER is named in three applications. We should know by the end of the month what the status is on those applications.

9. Report from Liza on progress from new Hewlett proposal*

10. Request from Angela for GB response to Internet Governance Forum*

* Had to step away before getting notes on these sections.  Please feel free to add to these sections with your notes, putting your name in parentheses at the end.