Biology in elementary schools: A St Michael's College project

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Biology In Elementary Schools is an innovative Saint Michael's College student teacher project.

The primary learning objectives of this course include fostering the integration of biology into elementary school curricula by encouraging collaborative development of hands-on teaching materials.

Working in partnership with local schools, Declan McCabe has developed an inspiring project where student teachers develop biology lessons collaboratively on WikiEducator. Students are graded on the lessons they develop as part of their course requirements. Using the wiki avoids the challenges of version control with students working on multiple computers. WikiEducator also serves as a repository of lessons which students can use when they start their teaching careers.

"Any wiki would facilitate collaboration," says Declan, "but this wiki is specifically geared toward building and sharing educational materials. I see this site as a long-term repository for my student's work, and a place where they may be built upon by others.

  • Hello Declan,

Thank you for your innovative presentation. I hope other teacher training colleges, especially in Africa would take a cue from it.