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August 2010

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August 25, - September 8, 2010

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How can WikiEducator support education in Barbados?

  • Platform for resources for teachers in all subject areas
  • Platform for professional development
  • Sharing lessons
  • Providing support for new teachers entering the profession
  • Sharing best practice among local schools


  • WikiMaster certification is a valuable feature of WikiEducator
  • Ability to correct/edit text in real time
  • Improvement of content is critical - ability to author and change enhances sense of ownership
  • Wikeducator material can be as a catalyst for ideas
  • Caters for different perspectives -- i.e. the ability to adapt and modify

What should/need to do?

  • Need to start with advocacy and sensitisation. What are the needs in the classroom? Can wiki's address needs.
  • Need to have workshops (train the trainer approach) -- support and promote peer teaching in local schools
  • Encourage each school to develop at least one set of materials on WikiEducator.
  • Materials MUST be local -- Barbadian
  • Incentives for developing content?
  • Involve young teachers in the process
  • Need support and involvement from the Ministry of Education
  • The approach needs to be bottom-up rather than top down, eg involvement of subject coordinators at the ground level in getting teachers involved is critical.
  • Encourage teachers to visit the site.
  • Content must reflect best practice

Ideas for building capacity in using wiki's for education

  • By using wikis -- we can promote the use of technology in the classroom.
  • Benefits of online capability might encourage and promote capacity development