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Certificate Course in Bamboo Use, Technologies and Enterprise Development

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Bamboo Resource Generation

Block-1: General Introduction (Dr. SP Singh/Dr. Mohinder Pal, ICFRE Dehradun)

Block-2: Commercial Bamboos (Dr. Muktesh Kumar, KFRI)

Block-3: Production of Planting Stock (Dr. K. K. Seethalakshmi, KFRI)

Block-4: Cultivation of Bamboo (Dr. Borah, RFRI, Jorhat)

Block-5: Conservation and Management(Dr. SP Singh, ICFRE)

Block-6: Environmental Aspects of Bamboo (Dr K. Haridasan/Dr. R.L. Banik)

Bamboo Processing & Protection

Block-1: Post Harvest Protection and Preservation (Dr. Satish Kumar, Dehradun)

Block-2: Primary Processing

Block-3: Properties & Utilization (Dr. Satish Kumar, Dehradun)

Bamboo Utilization

Block-1: Bamboo as Food and Fodder(S. Rajarathnam, CFTRI)

Block-2: Bamboo for Traditional Industries

Block-3: Bamboo for Contemporary Industries

Block-4: Structural uses of Bamboo: (Dr. Gore, Mumbai / Kale, c/o. Kuntal De)

Bamboo: Business and Enterprise Development

Block-1: Bamboo Products

Block-2: Information Sources (Mr. T.P. Subramony, Dr. I. Khurana, Mr. Manu Mayank) (Be given as a Handbook)

Block-3: Business Planning & Costing (Dr. I. Lahiri, IGNOU, Delhi)

Block -4: Organizations of Bamboo (Mr. T.P. Subramony, Dr. I. Khurana, Mr. Manu Mayank) (Be given as a Handbook)

===Field Visit and Hands-on=== (Dr. Muktesh Kumar, KFRI)

1. Study visit to Bambusetum (?) with following objectives:

  • Familiarization with different species and terminology used
  • Studying growth of different species
  • Productivity and economics
  • Understanding maturity marking for Harvesting
  • Understanding maturity marking for Harvesting
  • Flowering & seeding

2.Visit to a Bamboo nursery to study:

  • Nursery beds, soil preparation
  • Seed types, sowing and seedling care
  • Vegetative propagation methods
    • -Collection of materials
    • -Different treatments
    • -Methods of planting
    • -Post planting care
    • -Visit to a tissue culture lab
    • -Infrastructure

3.Field visit to plantations to study:

  • Methods of plantation in Forestry, Agricultureal, Horticultural plantation sectors
  • Types of planting stock
  • Thinning, Harvesting, weeding, soil working
  • Management practices

4.Bamboo processing and Products Bhuyan/Satish Kumar (who??)

  • Prophylactic Treatment
  • Treatment Methods, Bleaching
  • Grading, Seasoning and Storing
  • Bamboo Handicrafts, Mats
  • Bamboo Composites
  • Bamboo in construction
  • Scaffolding