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Welcome Antarctic Adventurer to Exploration ICEBLOCK

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Introduction for Teachers to 'Exploration ICEBLOCK'

'Exploration ICEBLOCK' is a free web-based Antarctica Environmental Science Education resource for young people of all ages with specific relevance to 7-13 year olds.

By developing awareness and encouraging scientific discovery 'Exploration ICEBLOCK' hopes to spark interest and enthusiasm for learning about our environment and develop determination in our young people to make a positive difference to this precious and interrelated Earth System.

Teachers Exploration ICEBLOCK Backpack

Hope you find this Teachers Backpack useful for motivating and inspiring you and your children on an environmental scientific exploration.

  • Here's an easy to follow and well presented youtube video presentation all about ocean acidification resulting from global warming. Click into Acid Test and be spellbound by the amazing filming and information that your class will enjoy learning from too.

Introduction for Children to 'Exploration ICEBLOCK'

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A First Look At Antarctica

Getting to know Antarctica (Open this link to find out more about this chilly continent.)

The Underwater World

  • There is so much life under the surface of the ocean. Especially INVERTEBRATES. (Click on this heading to discover more about these plentiful animals!)
  • What does BENTHIC mean? (the 'B' part of ICEBLOCK). Click Benthic Life to find out!

Wildlife in Antarctica

People in Antarctica - What do they do?