Advise customers of regulatory requirements for international air travel/Activities/Visa regulations

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"Japanese Working Visa"

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Identifying requirements for international travel documentation - Assessment unit standard 18282 Element 1.1, 1.2, 1.3


Advise customers on requirement for obtaining passports, visas and re-entry permit

Task 1

  • Mr and Mrs Castle are planning an overseas holidays and have asked for your advice on their passport requirements. Mr Castle was born in Dipton, New Zealand and Mrs Castle was born in London, England but became a New Zealand Citizen in 1984. Explain documentation required.
  • Jenny Green needs to travel urgently to attend her Aunt's funeral. Her old New Zealand passport has expired; what advice should you give her?

Task 2

  • Using material provided in class or the internet, advise the visa/entry permit requirements for the following passengers:

1. Mrs James is a New Zealand resident travelling on a United Kingdom passport

               AKLSYD         28 APR
               SYDLAX         02 MAY
               LAXLON         14 MAY
               LONBKK         05 JUN
               BKKAKL         10 JUN

2. Miss Sanders is a New Zealand resident travelling on an Australian passport

               AKLSIN         15 MAY
               SINTYO         18 MAY
               TYOTPE         20 MAY
               TPEAKL         25 MAY

3. Mr Andrews is a New Zealand citizen travelling on a New Zealand passport

               AKLPPT         13 JUL
               PPTHNL         18 JUL
               HNLLAX         22 JUL
               LAXCCS         28 JUL
               CCSLAX         06 AUG
               LAXAKL         09 AUG

4. Aroha Tainui holds a New Zealand passport and would like to travel to Vanuatu for a holiday. How long can she stay without obtaining a visa or applying for an extension?

5. Complete a New Zealand passport application form on behalf of your client who is unable to write due to car accident.

Supporting Materials

  • [1] Visa info
  • [2]Travcour student training
  • [3] NZ passport information