Advise customers of regulatory requirements for international air travel/Activities/Customs, Health, CAA and MAF requirements

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"Customs in Gambia"

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For students to become familiar with regulations and requirements for international travel- Assessment Unit Standard 18282 P.C. 3.1, 3.2


Advise customers on New Zealand Customs Service, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations and health requirements for international travel


Your clients are travelling overseas for the first time and would like you to answer the following concerns.

1. They are worried about becoming ill while travelling - list four important health tips you would give them

2. They have heard about new regulations for carry-on luggage - advise the airlines requirements

3. Their daughter has requested they bring her back an ivory necklace - will they be able to bring this present home to New Zealand?

4. They would like to bring back a zebra skin mat from Africa - will this be possible?

5. They thought bottles of wine will be good presents for friends on their return to New Zealand - how many bottles can they import duty free?

6. Advise how much the `accompanied goods concession' is for bringing goods into New Zealand free of duty and GST.

7. Their uncle (who lives in the UK) has requested you bring some greenstone for him to make into a pendant for his wife, and some New Zealand mussels. Please give them advice and also where to find this information.

8. As they are travelling through Kenya, please advise if they require vaccinations or take preventative measures against the following diseases: yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis, cholera, rabies and dengue fever.

Supporting materials

  • [1] Personal travellers brochure