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Biology In Elementary Schools is a Saint Michael's College student project from a course that ran between 2007 and 2010. The student-created resources have been preserved here for posterity. Link under 'toolbox' for printer-friendly versions of the exercises. Click on handouts to print full resolution versions. Please see Wikieducator's disclaimer, our safety statement, and the Creative Commons licensing in English and in legalese.

When adding images, there are two important considerations, copyright, and copyright. Images taken from the web may well be copyrighted and can't be reused here. Your own images can be used but only if you are sharing the images without restriction.

Use the "upload file" link on the left to place the file online here. Then link to the image from your wiki page using the Embedded file button on the edit screen (6thbutton in). If you use this format: [[Image:Example.jpg|Figure 1. Some nice flowers|thumb|right]] you end up with a thumbnail on the right with a figure legend just like Figure 1.

Figure 1. Some nice flowers

Some images contributed thus far are available in the gallery.

Please include your images in the SMC gallery by hitting the edit tab on your newly uploaded image and adding this text: [[Category:SMCimages]] ; don't forget to save.

Search creative commons for images you may be able to reuse here.