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Amarok is a registered Canadian charity which seeks to improve the lives of illiterate women and children, through literacy, numeracy and lifeskills learning in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Social Networks



Marketing, Fundraising

Tags, Keywords

  • women, children, mothers, girls, infants
  • education, learning, lifeskills, literacy, illiteracy
  • poverty, livelihoods, self-reliance, empowerment
  • health improvement, disease prevention

Target Audiences

  • learning, e-learning, educators
  • social activists
  • labour unions, cooperatives
  • community organizers
  • women/ men who want to give back
    • women's organizations
    • women's business organization
    • women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs
  • investors who believe in high ROI
  • companies which export / sell to Bangladesh
    • pharmaceutical companies
    • oil companies
    • shipping
    • banks, credit unions, financial institutions
    • real estate. property management
    • investment, insurance
  • different countries
  • primary health, public health, health literacy
  • capacity building


Proposal Development


  • connect with entrepreneurial women - business, social entrepreneurs, etc.

Operations (Internal)

  • Board of Directors
  • Advisory Board or Council