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Benefits of Contributing / Donating Learning Materials to WikiEducator

WikiEducator is supported by The Commonwealth of Learning ( and leaders in education. WikiEducator provides a free and open source platform for the collaborative development of open educational resources. These open and distance learning (ODL) resources support educational opportunities in developing countries, and throughout the world.

Your generous and valuable contribution / donation of learning materials can significantly help the WikiEducator community achieve its goals of a free educational curriculum for the planet, by 2015.

How it works:

You contribute your educational materials to WikiEducator. These could be:

  • Lesson plans
  • Handouts
  • Case Studies
  • Handouts / Guides for Teachers
  • etc.

Members of the WikiEducator community:

  • provide you with attribution (according to your wishes);
  • adapt and localise your educational materials – using WikiEducator - in a culturally-sensitive and appropriate manner

What's in it for you:

  • You receive attribution for your work
  • You receive recognition from the WikiEducator Community:
    • on the WikiEducator Main page
    • on the WikiEducator - Country page (List of Countries)
  • High status within the WikiEducator community
  • A WikiEducator User Page (we can assist you with this - send us your photo and bio)
  • A connection to educators around the globe - who value open and free educational content
  • The opportunity to collaborate with others in an established and growing community – in line with your interests
  • The pride in helping WikiEducator to achieve its objective of a free educational curriculum by 2015

We also have an FAQ

We value education and creating opportunities in line with your interests....we would be delighted to speak with you about WikiEducator, answer your questions and explore the possibilities...

We look forward to speaking with you - feel free to contact any of the Contact people

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