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The purpose of this workgroup is to:
  • Develop policy guidelines for managing WikiEducator's technology infrastructure
  • Propose procedures for Community-initiated suggestions for technology related decisions
  • Develop risk management guidelines for WikiEducator's technology infrastructure

IT Governance

WikiEducator IT Governance Policy

Strategic Alignment

It is important that an IT Governance model allows the technology and related initiatives to align closely with the endeavours strategy. In simple terms, it should be the strategy that drives the technology. It is also important to recognize that strategy will change and as the organization makes change due to successes, failures and changes to the space the organization operates the IT Governance approach could also change.

Current Strategy

Key IT Initiatives 2009



This working group will be using the WikiEducator Technical Discussion Google Group for workgroup discussion;


If you come across any online reference material regarding IT Governance as it could apply to WE or wikis (social media) in general please tag it with the wikied-it-governance tag. Follow this link if you want to see what has been found so far on this topic;