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The syntax you use to include an iDevice template in your content is quite simple. You just surround the name of the template in curly braces like this:


To include the Objectives template in your content, for example, you would write:


This would appear like this:

Icon objectives.jpg

(If you see {{{1}}} don't worry. It will disappear when you add some content.)

You can include almost any wiki text you like inside your template. To add content into the template, begin by adding a pipe "|" (shift then \ on most keyboards) right after the template name, then your normal wiki text like this:

My objectives will go here:
* one
* two

Don't forget to close it all off with double curly-braces. It will result in an iDevice like this:

Icon objectives.jpg

My objectives will go here:

  • one
  • two

Icon present.gif
Tip: When an iDevice immediately follows a section heading, the heading text may overflow into the display of the idevice. This is easily corrected by inserting the syntax for an extra line or carriage return.

Just insert the following syntax before the idevice, for example:

 My objectives will go here:
 * one
 * two}}.

See detailed instructions about intervening when an iDevice directly follows a section

Icon activity.jpg

Try adding a Web Resources template into your User page and add some of your favourite links into it as content.

The Web Resources template can be inserted like this: {{Web_Resources|}}