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Adding images into the wiki is generally a two step process:

  1. enter the image syntax;
  2. upload the image.

Additional attributes can be added to the basic image syntax to shrink large images into thumbnails that users can click on to get greater detail, or to add a frame and captions to images.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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  • I do not know where on my keyboard to find the vertical bar character that breaks the image name from the formatting (eg between .jpg and thumb) for example bolded in the following piece of syntax
You can click shift button+\
  • How can I import an image from the web?

Assuming you have the right to do so, you can save a copy to your local disk and then upload it to a wiki.

  • What is the maximum file size for a media clip that can be inserted?

That depends on many factors, usually specified by the wiki administrator.

  • Can I link to an external image and still have it displayed on the wiki page?

No. The image needs to be hosted on WikiEducator or on the Wikimedia Commons. This allows being certain of the history and licensing details of the images used in WikiEducator resources.

  • Is it possible to embed an image which resides on another web site without uploading it to the WikiEducator site?

No, see above.

  • Is it possible to hyperlink an image so that if clicked on it takes you to a specified page instead of the image details?

Yes, use the link= option when embedding the image. [[File:My-pic.jpg|link=Mypage]]

  • What license options are acceptable?

WikiEducator allows images that qualify as Free Cultural Works. In practice, that means pictures with CC-BY-SA and CC-BY licenses. It is also possible to use Public Domain (or CC0 declaration) images and media.

  • What does the while syntax statement look like after adding the phrase suggested in the tutorial to treat floating? The tutorial says "If you are having problems with the formatting of your images floating over other elements in your page, try adding this syntax after your image:

<br style="clear:both;" />

  • How can I delete a image uploaded by mistake ?

I think only special people can do this and you would need to make a request to one of them... I'm sure they will make themselves known here.

  • Just been trying to set up my profile know the frame on the top right of the user page with photos, contacts details, etc and used Country= United Kingdom
    Spain File:Flag of Spain.svg|20x20px to create a small Spanish flag icon from the image file, but when I try to do the same with the UK Union Jack image file ie reduce it to a 20width by 20height using the same 20x20px code it doesn't seem to work...any clues?--Ed Gonsalves 16:36, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

Re: Should be fine. Maybe you where using a bitmap image instead of .svg. See your user page for the .svg image. Cheers Rob Kruhlak 21:22, 17 December 2009 (UTC)