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Commonwealth of Learning's Leadership, Governance and Empowerment community

The COLLaGE Community is devoted to people interested in sharing their ideas, approaches, insights and resources related to leadership, governance and empowerment in developing and developed countries.

Join Us!

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  • to share ideas, approaches, insights and resources about leadership, governance and empowerment
  • to develop a forum to engage in discussion and share ideas around themes of Leadership, participatory approaches, Governance and Empowerment.
  • to strengthen networking connections and relationships for developing understanding across geographic and cultural boundaries and perspectives
  • to identify opportunities for sharing and developing free educational materials for participatory governance (using Open & Distance Learning & WikiGovernance)

Possible Topics

(We welcome your suggestions for topics. Feel free to please post them here ~ you will need to create a WikiEducator account to do so.)

  • E-Learning, wikis and blogs: New Directions and Tools for Governance, Dr. Wayne Mackintosh
  • Effective Governance Models
  • School Board Governance
  • WikiGovernance and PCF-5
  • Effective gender-sensitive governance in an intergovernmental agency
  • Using Symbols to Communicate in High-Context Cultures
  • Operationalizing Good Enough Governance
  • eGovernance Vs Good Governance
  • eGovernance and Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Institution of a World/Commonwealth Standard of Education Curriculum Certification - Requirement & Possibilities. Please see the justifications for asking for such a topic here

Proposed Speakers (to be confirmed)

(Beginning in February 2008, COL will be facilitating monthly discussions on important Leadership, Governance and Empowerment issues. We welcome your suggestions.)

Content (past)

Interested in Joining Our Community? Please add your name below!

(also, if you know of someone else who might be interested, please let us AND them know!)


COLLaGE is a different type of group than other WikiEducator groups. As we are in conversation with our members, it is becoming more clear that they can take on the role of co-facilitator, regarding their specific interest. Here is a list:

Name Interest / Role Country Comments E-Mail
Dr.Ramakrishnan Global Citizenship India "You and I constitute WE."


Useful Links

Thank You Note

We are grateful to WikiEducator Ken Udas, Executive Director, Penn State World Campus and its Terra Incognita blog for great ideas for online community-building.