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WikiGovernance & Good Governance

WikiGovernance (a node of WikiEducator) is about strengthening capacity of partners through mutual dialogue, sharing of approaches, tools and models, and the collaborative development of free and open educational content and resources.

Good Governance is essential to bring about lasting change in development work - in government or governance, in the community and in the facilitating organization. NGOs and training institutions play a critical part in strengthening links between civil society and the government.

One approach in governance interventions is through building capacity in transparent, inclusive and accountable decision-making.

5th Pan-Commonwealth Forum

Governance and Social Justice during the 5th Pan-Commonwealth Forum, from July 13-17, 2008 in London, UK

  • If you have any thoughts or ideas about developing governance related materials, please leave us a note over here or email me

Governance Curriculum and Other Activities

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