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This page is for documentation, bug reporting, and suggestions for Liquid Threads.

Emailing Postings

WikiEducator now has experimental support for emailing you on changes to LiquidThreads in your Talk pages.

If you either:

  • are watching a page and someone adds or changes a thread on its associated talk page
  • have posted a message in an existing thread

then if:

  • you have an authenticated email address (see the 'E-mail' section at the bottom of the User Profile tab of your preferences)
  • you have opted in to this scheme (by ticking the checkbox on the 'Gadgets' tab of your preferences)

then you will be emailed an HTML representation of the new/changed thread posting. That representation contains links to the original so you can see it in context.

This experimental service may be removed or disabled at any time. This feature is unique to WikiEducator. Any bugs or suggestions can be added to the wiki or emailed to the author.

Known Limitations

  • should also look for participants in a thread, not just watchers... but that is a pain to figure out given the LQT database schema, so that is a challenge for another day
  • ideally should allow you to "unsubscribe" from threads you no longer care about
  • does nothing about threads being summarized/archived
  • pedagogical templates embedded in thread postings are displayed in a simplified form

This hopefully will not be necessary after updating to MediaWiki 1.16 and LiquidThreads 2.x.

Testing LiquidThreads

see this template: Template:BugReport

Information icon.svg Liquid Threads report 17/12/2010
Can't reply to thread
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Extension Discussion:

Will eventually work this also into here: -- interwiki link perhaps. brent 08:48, 28 January 2008 (CET)