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A design plan is a written outline specifying the design of a resource, including brief details about how it will be developed and eventually used. It summarises what you understand about the needs of the learners and the learning context and the way in which that understanding impacts the choice of teaching and learning strategies and content design.

A design plan will generally outline:

  • The aims of the materials
  • Learner needs and learning context
  • Learning activities
  • Resources
  • Teaching and learning approach
  • Way in which materials can be used
  • Criteria for evaluation of materials

WikiEducator provides you with a tool, the [Design Decision Guide] which will take you through a planning process by prompting you with some of the questions you should be considering. The guide is designed to be used collaboratively to discuss and record your decisions on the wiki. Once you have worked your way through the questions your written responses will constitute the Design Plan for your WikiEducator resource. From here, you can just use the Talk pages to discuss progress as you go.

Some examples of design plans can be seen [here].