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Documentation for Widget:ArithmeticWorkout


This widget needs two things to be in the wiki page for it to work:

  1. The Arithmetic_rjk.swf flash simulation with the flashvar called levelA=n. Where n can be {3,...,12 }. If the simulation code is not on the page the widget will not save the level.
  2. A <div> with id = 'div1', or the same id that is passed to the widget (see examples below). Without the div the widget will not render the drop down menu for changing levels.

Note you can add content to the div where the drop down menu will be added. The drop down menu will be appended to the content.

Default behavior

{{#widget:ArithmeticWorkout}} <div id='div1'> </div> <flash>file=Arithmetic_rjk.swf|width=100%|height=450|flashvars=?levelA=3&levelButtonsVisible=false|quality=best</flash>

Passing the div id called dId

{{#widget:ArithmeticWorkout|dId='fDiv1'}} <div id='fDiv1'>Not the correct level for you. Change the level here.  </div> <flash>file=Arithmetic_rjk.swf|width=100%|height=450|flashvars=?levelA=9&levelButtonsVisible=false|quality=best</flash>

Widget in action

Multiplication Workout Activity