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Writing Practice is a two year blended learning workshop (online and face-to-face) for grades 11 and 12 high school students at Ort Gutman, Netanya, Israel. The course aims to help English as a foreign language students improve their writing skills via Wikieducator. Writing Practice will be documented as an action research project.

The course began in September 2008 and will continue until May 2010.

Introduction Please introduce yourself on your User Page. To learn how to create a user page go to Guidelines. After you create a userpage, add your userpage and name to the list of students on the Students page.
New Page Start a new page and call the page your username_Essays and add the new link to your userpage profile. Once you have your essay page added to your username page, write your second essay. Check the assignment page for the next assignment. Keep checking so you don't get behind.
Headings Add the following headings: Holidays and then your religious holidays.
Resources Morfix