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Who is this Programme For?

The contents of the Entrepreneurship/Managing your Business have been written for:

  1. anyone who would wish to start their own business
  2. anyone who is already owning a business, but would like to learn more about the different aspects such as marketing, customer care, financial aspects etc..
  3. any pre-university learner or mature learner who would like to get a formal introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

While preparing the contents for the programme we took special measures to ensure that the target audience would be able to relate to the different ideas introduced and kept the language as simple as possible. The activities that have been integrated throughout the units will enable you to gradually and systematically gather information and the right 'ingredients' to be able to write up your business plan. The following diagram gives you an overview of the 8 chapters that this module consists of and how the activities have been designed to ultimately enable you to develop your business plan.

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