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Hi there!015:15, 3 August 2010
Made a mess217:15, 26 July 2010
Posting to the day 2 discussion117:14, 26 July 2010
Student/teacher guide for online learning and teaching117:04, 26 July 2010
Hello from England116:56, 26 July 2010
Not a question!116:55, 26 July 2010
Big Hello from Cancun104:10, 8 December 2008
MHRM Project, Module: Training & Development323:43, 6 December 2008
Adding more than one templates120:33, 6 December 2008
Greetings from Canada!116:06, 4 December 2008
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Hi Jenni - Randy pointed me in your direction, since I'm over in New South Wales. I'm going to nose around your page now. Tallong 02:15, 3 August 2010 (UTC)

Tallong (talk)15:15, 3 August 2010

Made a mess

Hi Jenni I have just edited the discussion about quality page, but have done something wrong. Can you help me by sorting it out, or getting someone else to, PLEASE!! Many thanks, Deb

Debznz (talk)01:27, 23 July 2010

Fixed. --Daniel Mietchen 16:38, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Daniel Mietchen (talk)05:38, 23 July 2010

Hi Deb - Looks like Daniel solved it already :) Cheers --jennip 04:15, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Jennip (talk)17:15, 26 July 2010

Posting to the day 2 discussion

I am having trouble adding to the Day 2 discussion. I can't find the 'edit' button where I can add my name and my comments.


Pxn105 (talk)07:11, 26 July 2010

Hi Patty. Adding your thoughts and ideas to the Day 2 Discussion page is the same as editing your user page. Click on the EDIT link right at the top of the page, then scroll down to the bottom and type in your message. Here is a screen capture of the edit button. Once you have added your will then see the edit link (on the right) of the section you created. I Hope this helps :) Cheers jennip 04:12, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Jennip (talk)17:12, 26 July 2010

Student/teacher guide for online learning and teaching

Hello Jenni!

I wanted to ask you if you knew of any online guides for students and/or teachers that is under the Creative Common license, preferably CC-BY-SA. Any idea? --Benjamin Stewart 04:38, 20 July 2010 (UTC)

Bnleez (talk)17:38, 20 July 2010

Hi Ben Funny you should ask...I just saw something a day or 2 ago and bookmarked it for my students :) It is actually a resource on wikieducator OER Handbook I checked the history page and didn't see your name I assume you are not involved in the creation of this page and might not have stumbled across it yet. A unit I completed recently also had a few slides about creative commons licsenes..but I would need to ask the presenter if I can share/use them. If I come across anything else, I'll let you know. Cheers --jennip 04:04, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Jennip (talk)17:04, 26 July 2010

Hello from England

Hi Jenni,

Just strolling around looking at people's pages and I came across yours. Your energy bounces off the page. Can't see you retiring exactly! I love the informal tone of the page and it sounds to me like you should write your life story - but maybe you are too busy living it. Nice use of photos and you have broken up the text to draw in the reader. My uncle emigrated to Australia and had four children so I think I have lots of relatives there, but sadly we all lost touch.

Jane Brotchie 07:40, 30 September 2009 (UTC)
JaneBr (talk)20:40, 30 September 2009

Hi Jane. I went to visit your page & posted my reply in the feedback at the bottom...since I was there. :) Cheers --jennip 03:56, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Jennip (talk)16:56, 26 July 2010

Not a question!

Just a response to your comment in response to my introduction on the wiki forum for EL4C41. Thanks for your welcome and offer of help - I appreciate you taking the time to do it. I am trying to limit my time to 30 mins per day as I can see this could be a bit of a time sucker - so much to read and get distracted by! I'll try to look more closely at some of your stuff once EL4C41 has concluded. Many thanks... --Leila Boyle 11:11, 22 July 2010 (UTC)

Leila Boyle (talk)00:11, 23 July 2010

Hi Leila Yes online learning can be adictive. It is good to try and give yourself timeframes and guidelines. :) Cheers --jennip 03:55, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Jennip (talk)16:55, 26 July 2010

Big Hello from Cancun

Edited by author.
Last edit: 04:10, 8 December 2008

Hi Jenni, Thanks for your wiki-visit. Beautifull Australian Sun!!! What a beautifull flying baby!!! Is good to know whe share kid souls, plenty of energy and motivation for live. I see you are working hard. My congratulations. I can assist you if you need a hand. I have no elearning experience, but I'm sure I can learn. Meantime let me know if there is something I can do as your assistant. Warm greetings and thanks again for visiting my wiki-home :-)

Chela5808 (talk)19:23, 6 December 2008

Hi Gladys
Thanks for your offer of assistance it is greatly appreciated. I see we also have a love of the sea. Cheers!

Jennip (talk)20:53, 6 December 2008

MHRM Project, Module: Training & Development

Hi Jenni,

Thank you very much and warm welcome! An experienced practitioner like you will definitely be an asset to the project.

Now you can start at Training & Development page. I think it will be nice if we commence by listing all the topics first on the page, and starting new sub pages for each topic from there using the syntax [[/Topic Name//]]

Please feel free to let me know whenever you want to discuss some thing or want some formatting help etc. No limitation on the number of alerts that you can send me.

Warm regards Anil Prasad 09:29, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)22:29, 4 December 2008

Hi Jenni,

The topics you have added are very essential and appropriate ones. Therefore please proceed. I have made them linked pages for you.

Warm regards Anil Prasad 14:21, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)03:21, 6 December 2008

Thanks Anil. I will add more whenever I get the time. I am currently developing a uni course for workplace I hope to add to this wiki as I develop each section for my uni course. Cheers

Jennip (talk)20:55, 6 December 2008

Thanks Jenni, that's a great promise and idea.

Warm regards Anil Prasad 10:43, 6 December 2008 (UTC)

Anil Prasad (talk)23:43, 6 December 2008

Adding more than one templates

Very thoughtful of you Jennip, Ya! I am trying to figure out how to make my page more lively with colours and by puting some pictures in my give me some tips.. I also glanced at your page, a self-explanatory page

Hi Jenni, i have been trying to include another template on my page, but it does not seem to appear on the do i go about? jyoti

Jbawane (talk)11:04, 5 December 2008

Hi Jyoti
To learn how to insert images have a look at the following...

  • Day 6 video
  • Day 6 lesson information

I have added a few photos to my user can go into edit mode and have a look at how I did it. If you get stuck, email me & I'll copy and paste an example of the code into your userpage.

I haven't had a look at the lesson covering Templates yet. I'll be in touch once I learn how to use Templates.

hope this information is of help. Cheers Jenni
Jennip (talk)20:33, 6 December 2008

Greetings from Canada!

I was interested in your user page because you are from Oz and my daughter just came back from a fabulous vacation in Gold Coast and points north. Living in a landlocked province in Canada we don't get too much practice surfing or sailing, and she did both! I think I want a job now at Griffith - not really! Then I looked at all of your great ideas but what I really liked best was the way you organized your sandbox. Wow! You have everything in there and are quite an inspiration.

Best regards, Karen McDaniel

Karen6095 (talk)15:26, 4 December 2008

Hi Karen
Thanks for "connecting" with me! I find that we Australian's seem to have a lot in common with Canadians and our values resonate. ie: pretty laidback casual approach to life.

I'm glad your daughter liked Australia. I live in Perth which is on the opposite side of Australia (about 5,000klms from Sydney...more from the Gold Coast!) but it is also on the coast and has beautiful beaches. I don't sail or surf...but I scuba dive so I love living near the ocean. However I was born in Sydney (and lived 2hrs away from the ocean) and my Dad who was born in Queensland, now lives on the Gold Coast. All my family is going to the Gold Coast to meet up for Christmas this year.

I'm glad you liked my sandbox...I will use it as a "quick reference" point where I can quickly look up the codes for things I might want to do as it's too hard to remember all this new info. Feel free to copy anything that interests you!

I haven't put "the things I'm interested in yet on my user page....but I've seen a couple of projects to do with education and HRM that I'm interested in. You might also be interested in the education one - on elearning.

My background is in using computers and if you need any help just ask I'm always happy to help.

I look forward to chatting with you again.

Jennip (talk)16:05, 4 December 2008

UserTalk Link

I love copy & paste! I love wiki's! If you see something new and interesting, it's easy to just copy and paste it into your own page.
I just copies this usertalk link from Patricia's page...and it works!

Jennip (talk)23:17, 29 November 2008

Your page is a very good example of progress in an Online Course. You are free to copy all you like from my page....I love it when my work is liked by friends. Becoming a hardcore WikiEducator within two months of knowing WikiEducator is because I identify with the concept of sharing all I do. Best Wishes. Gita MathurGita Mathur 11:23, 3 December 2008 (UTC)

Gita Mathur (talk)00:23, 4 December 2008