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Ideas about Twitter

Twitter - - is a web-based application that you can use to keep a community (i.e., people who 'follow' you) informed. Consider this story about Elizabeth Taylor's release from hospital, and setting the record straight (i.e., dispelling rumours).

A number of people "follow" Elizabeth Taylor, by following her "tweets" - the 140 character messages delivered over the Twitter network.

Now, Ms. Taylor is a well-known personality, and many folks are interested in what she has to say. A company, or a project could have a similar community.

Contrast this with a website as a form of communication, where a person has to go in, insert text and hope that followers visit the website (or subscribe to it) to see the changes.

Using twitter is a more direct and immediate form of engagement.....Of course, it's easier to get a following if you are Elizabeth Taylor.

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