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  • WE/OERF - primarily academic institutions and nonprofits (globally), but also relationships with corporates.
    • membership model (levels)
  • wiki for OER content development - WikiEducator


  • what's Atlassian business model, particularly on academic / nonprofit installs (i.e., low-cost, free)?
  • wiki - for internal entreprise / project planning / info-sharing - Atlassian?

More Technical

  • install vs. hosted versions
    • I see hosted only available to commercial
    • hosted good 1st strategy - to pilot internally with minimal IT support, using a hosted version
    • Overall - what's the level of support required for IT/maintenance
    • Exports - can all content be migrated from the hosted version into the 'installed' version?
  • security - behind firewall (can be password protected}?
  • where is data located?
    • country installations? re: government requirements, security

Value Considerations

  • Could there be a strategic relationship between WE/OERF?
    • a member of OER Foundation?
  • what would an WE/OERF - Atlassian relationship look like?
    • for Atlassian
    • for WE/OERF
  • what value could be available to WE/OERF members
    • RF: Confluence, and possibly SharePoint connector (but could be others)
    • also, financial/career opportunity for more technical members of our global network, to support customers in install, deployment and maintenance of Atlassian products (i.e., Confluence)

Background Information

  1. Atlassian website -
  2. Confluence Entrepise Wiki -

I have spoken with Patrick Masson, CIO @ State University of New York @ Delhi campus ( has very positive things to say about the use of Confluence as an entreprise wiki "Confluence ".

Patrick and Ken Udas (formerly Director of the SUNY System and Executive Director Penn State U. World Campus) presented a paper at the Atlassian annual User Group conference recently) on their successful experiences.