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I have tried to be a good Wiki Neigbour to:

  1. Gabriela
  2. Regina
  3. Wayne
  4. Patricia
  5. Grant
  6. Jeniffer
  7. Kath
  8. Markos
  9. Moira
  10. Pfeffer
  11. Monika
  12. Basalim
  13. Doris
  14. Joao
  15. Sushita
  16. Nadia El Borai
  17. Nellie

Others needing Neigbhour services may be found here



My praise may be a bit late. However, may i take this opportunity to wish every participant congrats in going through the various stages for the past few days. The last two weeks has seen several people develop from newbies to wiki expects. Some may have even become "wiki adicts" (laugh).

While we may all have acheived a lot of laurels, not all members have completed their tutorials or have made some concrate additions to their page. Some participants have even not added their user pages to the assesment lists. One way faward issue is for such members to re-register again and take the course. However, some participants may desire personalised attention and support. This is where your Wiki Neigbour comes in. I am but only one wiki neigbour out of a host of others, but i have an offer to all of you.

For those in Zambia

For all those participants in Zambia, i will be available on the whole day of 12th March 2008 for a short interaction from 10am to 2pm Lusaka time, at the Technology Empowerment Centre located in the CYP Centre at the Unviversity of Zambia (UNZA). You may come over for free practice. Computer and internet use will be free. Snacks will also be provided.

In Ghana?

For those in Ghana, i will be in at the CDC computer centre at the University of Cape Coast (north campus) on 21st March 2008 from 11am to 3pm GMT. You are free to join me for free. On 22nd March 2008 i will be at the University Auditorium where i will be speaking on the importance of the information in enterprenoural development. This will be part of the Mentorship Conference presentations for 2008 hosted by Abusua Foundation. I will use the two hours one-on-one session with participants from 1pm t0 3pm to promote such brilliant technologies as WikiEducator.

In South Africa?

For those in South Africa, i may be visiting Johanesbourg and Pretoria from 2nd to 6th April 2008 (dates to be confirmed). For members who may want an interaction during this period, kindly send me an email or post me a note on my talk page.

For Continous Support

Finally, to continous interactions and one-on-one wiki educator support, you may vist my WikiNeigbour page and leave a link to your user page. It means just add your user page to the niegbour list above. I will certeinly check on you. If creating a link is still a problem for you, just leave me a note indicating your user name and i will get back to you.

This has been a long mail, forgive me. Congratulations again and all the best.

--vmensah 19:33, 11 March 2008 (UTC)