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Some of My Ambassadorial Activities ...

  • Made a WikiEducator promotional presentation and one-on-one interactions to over 800 students and educators at the University of Cape Coast,(UCC), Ghana on 22nd March 2008, at the Mentorship Conference 2008, organised by Abusua Foundation.
  • Invitations to prospective online students to take part in the L4C Workshops
  • WikiNeigbour
  • WikiEducator Promotions on networks i relate to, eg. CYPRCA RYC Listserve, Abusua Forum,FEDYAG Group, My Blog ,etc.
  • Wiki Ambassador in Zambia
  • Contributions to the development of Ghana Country page
  • Set up the Zambia country page
  • Currently working on updating the Zambia Country page
  • Introduction of F2F eL4C in Zambia. Check here

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