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Sample Work

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  1. Objectives
  2. Target
  3. ICT Components

Possible Use of ICT Recording Techniques Presentation Format Digital video camera • Report Digital still camera • Documentary Tape recorders/ i-pods • Power Point Microphones Presentation • Publishing Document software • Poster

  1. Feedback Mechanism
  2. [Introduction]
  1. Contents 1

• To begin with…… The class will be divided into four groups of 6 – 7 students each. Each student will be given a project booklet with relevant guidelines, to facilitate them. The relevant page(s) of the project booklet will be discussed as activities are carried out. • Record Sheet Name: _____________________ Watch the video clipping carefully. Now write your observations/comments in the table given below. What living conditions did you observe in the How can these conditions affect the people you video? see in the video? • Students will watch the video clip and note their observations individually on the given ‘Record Sheet’. • Back Up Plan • Group Discussion Students will: share their notes agree on as many health hazards as possible. report back their mutually consolidated responses. • Identifying Unhealthy Living Conditions Inadequate Contaminated garbage food disposal Health Hazards Improper personal Environment hygiene pollution •

  1. Self Assessment Questions
  2. Content 2
  1. SAQ 2

Assignment Pretending to be members of the ‘Environment Protection Team’, the students will develop a Community Awareness Program, highlighting the factors contributing to unhygienic living conditions. • Task The students will: select a locality. identify one unhealthy living condition prevailing in that locality. research causes for this health hazard. suggest improvements/alternatives to develop a healthy living environment. present their findings. Time Allocation: 14 days

  1. Summary
  2. Additional Reading/Web Resources
  1. Evaluation Strategies
  2. Certification