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My Name

Tan Siew Gaik, that is my name.


Tanjung Bunga is home. If you flitted along the Northern beaches from Batu Ferringhi [1]towards Tanjung Tokong[2] while the sun was busily painting the skies several shades of gold in the morning, you might be forgiven for missing the little bay after the Floating Mosque. That is my first home.

My Passion???

Roses from my own garden..... World Peace.... Commune with nature....Bridge the gap between the rich and the poor...Butterflies flitting in the sun.... Moths, still alive, making a pretty picture on the wall.... Owls peering through their spectacles.....Benji, my brother's Cairns Terrier bursting upon an unfortunate gecko in earnest....White horses on the crest of waves....People with wonderful calligraphy written all over their faces and colourful lives well (or otherwise)lived.... the twinkling of a drop of rain on a you can see, my passions are pretty diffused.... I am embracing life with gusto....don't want to miss a beat....I am content when people are not tearing at each other's throat.... let there be music...let's dance to some tunes of happy hearts.... let us heal the a balm to those who are suffering....the challenge.... how do we do that? me how.....that is my passion

What are my Specialities

Accounting and Business Studies are my specialities.
    • go to sleep before I reach the bed
    • listen to what my students say even when they don't talk

Note: I hope to develop more skills in future. Hence the extra bullets....

Where do I work?

In Disted College which is on the Island of Penang, off the West coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The college is a heritage building. Some students describe it as a 'castle'. All white. Majestic. In my opinion, it is a distinctive architectural masterpiece.

Disted College [3]

It is the home of a great number of potential professionals for one to three years depending on which career they hope to initiate. This is where they hone their skills. Build powerful networks of friendships, some of which are lifelong. This is my second home....

My Work

In the eyes of my students, I am seen as a slave-driver who:
  1. energise them out of their inertia and
  2. propel them towards the stars....

They have to fly. So, my job is to make them:
  1. jump off the ledge and
  2. try their wings.

Equipped with my most persuasive stories of "Journeys into the Unknown"....I tell them about the lightness of flight.... the joys of success...why they should dare to dream... After many failed attempts, after curses and swears and, after they learned what to avoid, they finally know what to do right. Then they make one more attempt and soar...... I don't know whether they are happy, I am.....

One useful Accounting link[4] will show the basics of accounting including Accounting concepts.

(Comment.gif: Tan Siew, warm welcome to the WikiEducator community of educators and learners!. Malaysia page is becoming very nice. Congrats! Plese make the page a platform to connect all the WEs from Malaysia. Wish you all the best and offer all the support. Regards Anil Prasad 17:46, 2 March 2009 (UTC))My sandbox