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Contact-new.svg Tim McCallum
Website:Tim McCallum
Employer:The University of Southern Queensland
Occupation:Senior Analyst - Demonstrator
Skype address:timothy-mccallum

I am currently employed as a Senior Analyst/Demonstrator at the University of Southern Queensland.

I am responsible for the provision of advice and specialist input for the design, prototyping and implementation of systems which support open access research output and open educational resources. I study national and international open access policies and open educational resource policies and advise the University on how to best serve the wider community.

The technical component of my current role consists of working with industry professionals from organisations such as Google and the Open Education Resource Foundation to create and demonstrate innovative solutions which support openness. I use mainly Oracle PL/SQL, Python, PHP, Javascript and XSLT, and my operating system preferences are Linux and Unix. I contribute to the Open Educational Resources University (OERu) by participating in its technology working group.

I have worked with systems and protocols which support research output, since 2006. During my career I have worked on various projects developing data migration software as well as installing, testing and configuring Institutional Repository (IR) software. I accepted the role of technical officer during the first round of the CAUL Australasian Institutional Repository Support Service (CAIRSS) project where I forged invaluable relationships and gained a national reputation for providing technical assistance while working closely with the Australian IR community and agencies such as the Australian Research Council (ARC).

I have presented twice at the International Conference on Open Repositories and I am excited about continuing my work in the field of open access and open educational resources.