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Employer:The Shri Ram School,
Occupation:Geography Teacher, senior school
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textI am born and brought up in Kolkata. I studied in Patha Bhavan school and did my degree course in Geography from Loreto college. After finishing college I joined the university and pursued the post graduate course in Geography.Thereafter i did B.ed and immideately joined as a professor in a college in kolkata and worked there for four years .User:Amritamitra

Loreto college is under the administration of the University of Calcutta

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Rabindranath Tagore

It is difficult to take the first start with Rabindranath.It is like an ocean where one has lost his compass.Tagore's mind was virile,ambitious,passionate and imaginative conscious of his great powers and unwilling to accept any defeat.;but above all endowed with an inner capacity of feeling deeply and intensely and a psychopathic temperament superlatively sensitive and yet duly regulated by rationalism,a mind which could easily reflect within itself the yearning of the team spirit.

Freedom and individuality characterised the mental background of Tagore.His early sojourn to Europe gave him an opportunity of freeing his mind by which he could enjoy experiences of an entirely different dimension from what he would have been hemmed in,if it had his lot to stay in Bengal all along - a new capacity of transcending the limits of the monotonous existence of Bengal life of those days.He was a musician by gift and even in his early age of adolescence he could feel the pulsation of musical throbbings in his heart as spontaneously as a cuckoo or a nightingale.

From the age of fifteen or sixteen to twenty two or twenty three the poet passed through such stage of emotional subjectivity that the exaggerated forms of emotion and fancy lived and moved about without contradiction and were more real than any real thing . Various functions of the mind and the experiences were not differentiated in this stage ; it was like the early age of the earth.

Tagore in his first attempt lived in a world of passions which were mere romance of his young blood .Stimulated by reading Western poetry aflame of revolution was lit up in his heart and he gave vent to his poetic instincts in making his language a vehicle of his fanciful passion.

Tagore's wisdom and Pseudo passion was reflected in his works like-

  • Sandhya Sangit
  • Mayar Khela
  • Prabhat Sangit
  • Jiban Devata

From his vision and from his artistic creation Tagore concludes that true creation is only possible by a person .The joy of emotion stirring up in a person can transform unmeaning objects into meaningful ones as integrated within a person.The pulsation of this joy is apprehended as the joy of the beautiful.On the point of creative activity Tagore seems to waver at times ,as to whether there is a super person endowed with personality and love and creating the world for rousing up man and coming into closer communion with it.Thus he says to the divine being- ''May the tunes of music multifold Assemble in me And make oblivious of myself, And in one profound bow,oh Lord! In one profound bow,May the music of my little soul Attain its completion in your ocean of silence.

The secret the poets confidence and optimism in beautiful songs where he says that the worship is not completed is not lost' as he felt that what is behind us is not false, for what is unrealised is already realised and completed in Lord.

Based on such experience the philosophy of Tagore becomes concrete and living,becomes a faith of a devotee,the faith of poet who has vision of the unseen. India User:Peemalik