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Greetings from New Zealand! I'm here in Wikieducator because I'm passionate about using technology to support widening educational opportunities, and I'm hoping to assist with some of the projects being driven from this space.

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I work for Flexible Learning Network Ltd in New Zealand as one of their Directors and with a focus on instructional design. Since studying for an MSc in IT & Learning in the UK, I have worked in computer-based learning, training and e-learning for over 15 years in a variety of roles; instructional designer, staff developer and in management. My last position in the UK was with the University for Industry, as the Training Solutions Manager for the learndirect network - bringing education opportunities back into the lives of adults who had rejected traditional modes of study.

I also help to manage the E-learning Office at The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. I have been involved in a number of Government-funded e-learning capability projects within New Zealand, including the Open Source Virtual Learning Environment project, e-learning Guidelines project, eXe project and the Networked Education Pilot project. I engage with a range of national groups and forums and am participating on a number of initiatives, including the Open Content CCNC project CCNC project.