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Contact-new.svg Scariatc
Occupation:Senior Engineer (Retired)
Languages:English ,Malayalam
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Skype address:t.c.Scaria
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My Profile

Professional Background

I was working  in O/E/N India Ltd. Cochin, Kerala.For 28 years I was in this company .I had worked in different departments.Initially I was in the R&D wing of O/E/N Microsystems - a sister concern of O/E/N India.After that I worked in the Relay manufacturing section.In the last 10 years of my service, I was responsible for Electrical & Electronics maintenance  department.I was in charge of  a substation with 1600 KVA Transformer , 4 Nos. 320 KVA Diesel Generators and connected Electrical system.Also, the maintenance of all the machineries in the company and the anciliaries was my responsibility.I retired  as a Senior Engineer. 


  1. AMIETE  ( Electronics and Telecommunication)(Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers) 
  2. BSc. Chemistry Main, Mathematics and Physics Subsidiries - Kerala University

My Interests


  • I was interested in reading technical journals and keen in testing several electronic ideas appear in them.I have hooked up and tested many electronic hobby gadgets.
  • I was a HAM (Amateur Radio Operator). My Call Sign was VU2TCS. I had made my own antennas and other gadgets for communication in Morse Code at that time.
  • Servicing of Electronic gadgets and instruments was a hobby to me.


*While was in my high school class itself I was interested in reading.In our village we had a public librarary.At that time I was interested in reading novels and drama books. *When I became an engineering student I started reading elecronic publications and journals. *I was interested in parapsychology also. I have read several books on parapsychology and practiced TM (Transcendental Meditation) form a desciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. *I heard about WikiEducation from my friend Sebastian Panakal and I got very much interested in it .I wish to work in wiki field actively.I wish to learn more and more and share my knowledge and become a  WikiMaster  *I wish to contribute as a wikiAmbassador now.


Womens SH
Scariatc as a Wiki Ambassador


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Scariatc as a Wiki Ambassador at SH College on Women's Day

Scaritc as a Wiki Ambassador

My Projects

Participated in eL4C49

My Sandbox


My Wiki Registration

Learning contract text

100px-L4C-small.png  Agreement
By signing this optional learning contract I will try to complete my training in basic wiki editing skills to achieve the status of a Wikibuddy. In return for this free training opportunity, I will give the gift of knowledge by donating or developing at least one free content resource licensed under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license which can be used by myself (and others) on WikiEducator.
Brief description of project
We discussed about the project in the discussion pages but finally on a common page where we found it easy to convey the ideas.We decided Candle Making as our project User:Scariatc/My sandbox/OER Project
Target date for completion
As the examinations are close at hand the students are busy  so we will start by April 2011  and finish by 15th of  July 2011..
  --Scariatc 13:22, 20 March 2011 (UTC)

My Reflections

My experience with the Learning For Contents workshop was a wonder full one.

The training imparted to me encourage me to function as an efficient Wiki Ambassador 

Feedback and Notes from my WikiNeighbours

(Comment.gif: Dear Scaria ji , You are very welcome to this eL4C50 Online workshop. Patricia Schlicht, Gita Mathur, Micheal Verhaart and me are your facilitators and will help you in develop your page. Enjoy this workshop and donot hesitate to ask for help. You can either leave a message on our user pages or email us. Warm Wishes.--Ramesh Sharma 21:42, 27 April 2011 (UTC))

 Hello Scaria.... Nice to see that you have started your page.all the best. Enjoy the Wikieducator learning experience.Cynthia --<a href="User:Agnes">Agnes</a> 09:24, 3 February 2011 (UTC)
Hello Scaria...Very happy to see as participant...Enjoy and share your knowledge through wikieducator--<a href="User:Lizynavin">Lizynavin</a> 04:46, 4 February 2011 (UTC)
Hi Sir..........happy to c u in this session...enjoy--<a href="User:Shijisubodh">Shijisubodh</a> 15:25, 4 February 2011 (UTC)
Hi Scaria! Nice to know you! It's great to be in same wiki workshop! --<a href="User:Teromakotero">Teromakotero</a> 12:33, 5 February 2011 (UTC)</div>

Welcome to eL4C49

Your facilitator: