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'''About Myself'''

I am Roushan Ara. Programm Manager-ARBAN IT. ARBAN Pallitathya Kendra. ARBAN,Purbadhala, Netrokona-2410. Mobile: 01718-028091 E-mail:;




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ARBAN's Activity

  • Pallitathya Kendra, D.Net
  • Adibashi Unnoyan Prokolpa, OXFAM
  • Rat Management,UNDP
  • Housing, Bangladesh Bank
  • Education, BRAC
  • Sanitation, NGO Furam
  • Vegetable worker, Development wheel
  • BTN Resource Centre, BTN}}

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ARBAN' Profile

Organizational Profile

Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs (ARBAN)

Head Office College Road, Rajpara, Purbadhala, Netrokona E-mail: Mobile: 01711-709572, 01717-840147

Liaison Office House 82/1 (1st floor) Jafrabad Pulpar, Rayer Bazaar Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 Mobile: 01728-986325 E-mail:

Statement of ARBAN

Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs-ARBAN is a non government voluntary organization involved in development activities in the north-eastern region of Bangladesh. ARBAN started its journey in Purbadhala upazila under Netrokona district in March 2000. Gradually, it has expanded its activities in 4 upazilas of three districts covering 3500 beneficiaries. Since its inception,ARBAN is working hard to achieve its objectives and maintains innovation, efficiency, relevance, integrity and timelines whenever it embarks on any program initiatives to unfold itself as a people centered organization.ARBAN has diversified its activities based on the current reality and peoples’ need through assessment of its working area. ARBAN strongly trusts on “Holistic Approach” in development through active participation of the community people in planning, decision making and implementation phase of interventions. To maximize project impact the organization implements programmes by providing full cooperation to counterparts and other supports as needed. In addition to development initiatives ARBAN is also proactively engaged in effective networking with reputed national and regional NGOs working in geographically remotest area and strategically important development sector.


ARBAN envisages an educated Bangladesh with democratic society which is free from poverty and exploitation with equal rights and respects for all in an equitable, justifiable and healthy environment.


The commitment of ARBAN is based on comprehensive development of back-ward, deprived, underprivileged and marginalized people (especially women, children, disabled and indigenous community) towards establishing a society with respect of full democracy, liberty, equality, justice, peace and solidarity by implementing service delivery and rights based activities through a participatory and multidimensional partnership approaches.


To contribute in establishing a self- reliant and developed society.


a) To promote awareness programme for deprived people of the society. b) To initiate awareness programme for establishing human rights and good governance. c) To assist poor, landless, marginal farmers with low income people especially the women through savings and initiating productive projects. d) To assist to establish women and child rights, eradication of discrimination, protection of violence and supporting to stop child laboring. e) To facilitate Adibashi for main streaming in the society, supporting cultural preservation and indigenous peoples’ rights. f) To facilitate Adibashi for main streaming in the society, supporting cultural preservation and indigenous people’s rights. g) To facilitate initiatives aiming ICT for development (ICT4D).

Core Values

• Accountability • Transparency and Relevance • Equity and Justice • Effectiveness and Quality • Unity and Diversity

Basic Information of ARBAN

Name of Organization: Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs – ARBAN

Date of formation : Start formation on December 12, 2000, Registered -June 17, 2002

  Head Office	: College Road, Rajpara,
  Purbadhala, Netrokona
  Mobile: 01711-709572, 01717840147

Liaison Office: 1st Floor, 82/1 Jafrabad Pulpar,Rayer Bazaar, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207

Number of Branch and location:

Number # Branch Location Branch # 01 College Road, Rajpara, Purbadhala, Netrokona. Branch # 02 House No. 03, Salambag, Nalitabari, Sherpur. Branch # 03 Bagazipara, Netrokona, Netrokona.

Legal status:

Date of Registration	 : June17, 2002
 Registration Number	:  Netro- 0358

Registration Authority : Directorate of Social Welfare,The Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. Staff Position:

Type of Staff Total Number Male Female Regular 21 16 05 Volunteers 11 08 03

Key Partners: International, National

Oxfam-GB, D-Net. World Vision Bangladesh, NGO- Forum, Bangladesh Bank, Microsoft, IVS.


ADAB- Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh, CDF- Credit and Development Forum, NGO Forum, CAMPE.

ARBAN Governance

An Executive Committee comprising of 11 members is responsible to execute the program and policy of the organization. This is the decision-making body .It provides efforts on fund raising for the organization, plans and approves budgeting of the organization. The EC is responsible to form advisory committee for the organization. The EC Members meet six times in a year. The EC is formed through fair election process (by voting of the GB Members) in every 2 years. A General Committee is accountable to the organizational beneficiaries, community people, any external audience and GOB on behalf of the organization. The GC appoints ED and assists EC to implement organizational goal, vision and mission. It also involves in the process of forming an Advisory Committee, auditor appointment, audit report review, annual budget review and approval. GC meets four times in a year. Majority vote (Two third) of GC can accept any significant change/result. All projects/programs head are accountable to the Executive Director, Executive Director is accountable to the Executive Committee members and the EC Members are accountable to the GC Members. These GC Members are accountable to organizational target audience.


Present Executive Committee Members of ARBAN with following details

Name Designation Age Education Principal Occupation Number of year in EC Naseem Ahamed Aleem President 48 MSc Biological Science Service 4 Years Alamger Rahman Vice President 42 MSc. Fisheries in FBL Development Consultant 3 Years Syed Arifuzzaman Secretary 35 MA General History Social Work 5 Years Md. Ali Monsur Joint Secretary 34 MSS Political Science Service 5 Years Anjuman Ara Begum Treasurer 33 MSS Economics Service 1 Years Marzina Begum Member 42 MSS Sociology Social work 1 Years Shaymal Kanti Barman Member 36 MBA Development Consultant 1 Years Khalekuzzaman Member 36 M.Sc Mathematic Service 3 Years Jamil Mustak Member 36 M Sc in Psychology Service 1 Years Motilal Hajong Member 45 BA Social Work 1 Years Alpana Jambil Member 32 MA Service 1 Years

On-going Projects of ARBAN /Past Performance References

Sl. # Name of Program Geographic area covered Time-Line Donor/ Assistance District Upazila 1. Adibashi Development Programme Netrokona Sherpur Durgapur Kalamkanda Nalitabari Oxfam-GB 2. Agriculture Netrokona Purbadhala, Durgapur DFID, Development Wheel, Trade Craft 3. Education Netrokona, Sherpur Purbadhala, Durgapur, Kalmakanda, Nalitabari Oxfam, BRAC 4. Computer training and information center(BTN Resource Center) Netrokona Purbadhala D.Net, Microsoft 5. Disaster Preparedness and Management Netrokona, Sherpur Purbadhala Durgapur Kalmakanda Nalitabari Oxfam-GB, Own Fund 6. Housing Netrokona Purbadhala Bangladesh Bank 7. Water and Sanitation Netrokona Purbadhala NGO- Forum, Own Fund

8. Arsenic- Mitigation Netrokona Purbadhala NGO- Forum, Own Fund 9. Micro-credit Netrokona Purbadhala Own Fund 10. Training Programme Netrokona Purbadhala World Vision Bangladesh 11. Handicrafts Netrokona Purbadhala Durgapur Own fund 12. Awareness programme on : HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, Land Law, Family Law, Child Rights and Good governance Netrokona, Sherpur Purbadhala Kalmakanda Durgapur IVS, SARA, & Own Fund

Office Space, Equipment and Facilities  :??

Income and Expenditure of ARBAN in last 3 years:  ??

Contact person : Syed Arifuzzaman

                                              Executive Director
 College Road, Rajpara, Purbadhala, Netrokona 
                                           Mobile: 01711-709572,


Workshop on L4C

and college



Pallitathya ning


Roushan Ara

I am Roushan Ara, though people around me like to call me Roushan. I was born 7th March' 1977 at Purbadhala, a village of Netrokona District. Now I am working at local NGO ARBAN in Purbadhala, Netrokona. Now I am a Wiki Educator. I want to provide our NGO with WIKI.


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Employer:ARABN(Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs-ARBAN)
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