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Contact-new.svg Ronald Ddungu
Employer:Ministry of Education-Gayaza High School
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I am Ronald Ddungu,a teacher of Mathematics and Physics at Gayaza High School.I have been teaching for the last 12 years (ronaldddungu)and currently i am an acting Deputy Headteacher incharge of academics and incharge of ICT developments in my school.I am inspired by innovative teachers who work in collaboration with others for the benefit of our communities and i spend more time trying to emulate these humble people.I had chance to participate in the world wide microsoft innovative teachers forum in Hong Kong where we shared in the different innovative projects that were being used by teachers across the Globe.I presented our school project Education for Sustainability and it was accorded second prize overall in the world( this project was a winning project at the microsoft innovative teachers'workshop at elearning Africa conference in 2008(elearning-africa).I hope to better my innovative teaching skills when i learn about using mobile phones in the teaching and learning process especially in accessing the wikieducator pages.Our community project was also recognized at the 2008 teach a man to fish conference that was held in South Africa with a commendation award( spend most of my time mentoring teachers into being able to utilise the available technologies in their classroom.I am a judge at the PanAfrican innovative teachers forum for the past two years and this year i was selected to be a judge at the World innovative teachers forum due to take place in Capetown-South Africa at the end of October 2010.
My country is the "pearl of Africa"


I hold a Bachelor of science degree in Mathematics and Physics,a postgraduate diploma in education ,a Master of Arts in education management all of Makerere University,Uganda.I also hold a master of science degree in Education for sustainability of London south Bank University.

My masters of Arts dissertation was entitled, Factors influencing effective utilisation of information communication technologies,ICTs, by teachers in Wakiso District,Uganda.

My masters of Science dissertation was entitled, Factors influencing teachers to utilize Information and communication technologies,ICTs,to enhance the implementation of Environmental education in a secondary school in Uganda

I participated in the emerge 2008 online conference where i presented a paper on the Good practices in ICTs utilisation by teachers a case of Gayaza High School,Uganda.

I am a master teacher with the iEARN teachers network iEarn,a member of People to people international, and Innovative teachers network .


Gayaza High School was founded in 1905 by the Church Missionary Society England; it is the oldest girls’ school in Uganda. Originally it was an all-girls’ school, mainly for daughters of chiefs and clergy, and the girls were given Christian instructions and trained in home making skills. Though it is still an all-girls’ school the doors are now open to many more girls from a diversity of family background and cultures


We are determined to support primary education by linking up primary schools with secondary schools in the nearby communities to cover the gaps in the fields of; lack of teaching resources,insufficient teachers,low pupil motivation,high drop out rates and low teacher motivation. Secondary school students visit a nearby primary school and teach the pupils Mathematics as they also learn about the community around them.


When new students join our school in senior one they are required to spend one 2 hours per month teaching in a near by school.The preparation for this activity begins with research using their primary books,textbooks and on the internet.Gayaza High School boosts of a well equipped computer laboratory with a 24-hour internet connection that is used to support the education of the Girl child.


  1. Teaches problem solving
  2. Ensures creative and innovative thinking
  3. Empowers community service.
  4. Encourages participatory decision making
  5. Helps the youth to discover the current problems in their communities.

Other benefits include;

  • Enhances the syllabus coverage.
  • Teaches Team work.
  • Builds Patience.
  • Trains Perseverance.
  • Creates Critical thinkers.


  • I am optimistic that i will use this space to publish much of my teaching resources i have created over the years and hope that i will find other educators to help me develop the content better.My wish is that many more teachers are trained as we push forward towards the use of technology in our classrooms.
  • Educators website in Uganda (schoolnetuganda)

My L4C Contribution


Please join me to create sample lessons that can be used to teach environmental education embedded within our classrooms.

(Comment.gif: you have innovative ideas which can be change our way of teaching. I love the environment so much and would love working with you. keep up)--Miltonchebet 07:22, 1 December 2009 (UTC).

CRICKET FOR TREES project design could be another avenue for environmental education which idea can be borrowed and used in all the other games.

My Sandbox

my sandbox


The students of Gayaza High School are undertaking a project to equip the primary school teachers in Nangabo sub-county with computer skills.


The students of Gayaza High School are making an attempt to discovering the reasons that cause the youth to come to the streets.They hope to initiate projects that will contribute to the reduction of this problem of street kids.


Gayaza High School is committed to developing the entrepreneural skills of our community members.The students share with the community members a few of the skills they learn at school.


The girls teach the community members within a nearby primary school basic skills in baking ,preparing a good diet,food security and having sustainable food gardens.


We are targeting the primary seven students to enable them have business skills that will help them in future to raise school fees. The teachers are of concern to us too because having a good home business would enable them to teach with willingness and enthusiasm. The parents in our project school are our key targets since they would inevitably conntribute funds to the school for as long as they have a good business.These parents will also form training teams to help the other members within the wider community.


  • To equip the community members with entrepreneural skills.
  • To enable the students to practice what they learn at school.
  • To enable the community members to start well planned businesses.
  • To introduce the students to community service and being a change agent.


We are looking for partners with an experience of facilitating online courses to work with Gayaza High School,Uganda to deliver this course to the teachers.Please read on and send me an email.

We welcome comments and partnerships  :-)

Come and be part of us  :-)

My Wikieducator Projects

My L4C Contribution

My Reflections

Feedback & Notes

This is awonderfull site ronald i have learnt alot keep it up.--parametrs 11:55, 22 June 2009 (UTC) (Comment.gif: Dear Ronald, You have made such a strong effort so far. See here how you can upgrade your level of certification by becoming a WikiMaster Warm wishes, --Patricia 22:22, 4 May 2009 (UTC))

  • I second Patricia's comment. I would love to be the one to sign you to your your next level. --Nellie Deutsch 06:54, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Great page ~ welcome to our growing community!Keep it up.I would be pleased to help you.--Hemrom 09:14, 17 December 2008 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Excellent work! I cannot be more proud of a participant than you. Welcome to WE. --Victor P. K. Mensah 17:42, 29 December 2008 (UTC))

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