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Edtalks | Pedagogical Templates

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After reading this subsection, you will

  • see the list of pedagogical templates used in WikiEducator
  • be able to insert an instruction device using the Template syntax
  • review the list of template names
  • identify an error in the syntax

Wiki syntax for iDevice templates

A template is called using a predefined label and the text for your iDevice separated by "|" and all enclosed between two "{{ }}" braces. For example, the following syntax will be used for a Self-assessment question:

{{Preknowledge|Think about a situation when you ....type the rest of your preknowlege text here}} .

The example above will render as follows:

Icon preknowledge.gif


Think about a situation when you ....type the rest of your preknowlege text here

Old Version _NOTOC__

Welcome to WikiEducator

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We're turning the digital divide into digital dividends using free content and open networks. We hope you will join us. The following is a subpage created by participant of the workshops L4C32-33, Mary Ziller

My objectives in taking L4C33

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My Objectives for taking L4C32:

  • To become proficient in wiki skills.Goal achieved. Wiki Buddy status granted Dec. 8, 2009 by Kruhly.
  • To contribute to WikiEducator Goal achieved. Made my first contribution: a lesson on Comparative Adjectives.
  • To grow my personal learning community. Goal achieved. Joined a collaborative project working on an Adult Education Textbook, an open education resource.

My Objectives for taking L4C33:

  • To continue learning more wiki skills and working toward the next Wiki Levels.
  • To continue to contribute to Wikieducator. Goal in progress. Created a new worksheet on Active and Passive Voice that will be part of my Learning Contract contribution.
  • To improve my wiki structure, navagation, and content. Goal in progress. Added Top of Page template, Elrc33_nav template, 2 new subpages to translate my wiki into German and Portuguese.
  • To continue to grow my personal learning community.

About Me

Icon activity.jpg My Background
Online Studies
  • EVO 2008
  • Wikieducator 2009
  • E-Campus
  • Embedded Learning Academy

Webheads and Web 2.0

My introduction to Web 2.0 tools was Becoming a Webhead (BAW08), a free peer administered training by English Village Online (EVO)for educators who want to incorporate internet technologies into their classrooms. They introduced me to the Webcast Academy and Worldbridges.One impressive collaborative international project that came out of this was Earthcast08 at [1]Voicethread of Earthcast08. (photo attribution: aussiegall on flickr CC 2.0). To celebrate International Earth Day, members of Webcast Academy and Worldbridges worked collaboratively with people around the world to produce and air a live webcast which lasted for an entire 24 hours of the GMT day! (see picture above). I recently started a ning group to host my ESL worksheets. Feel free to join my site, if you like to contribute your work or become a learning partner.

Professional Background

Lower Merion Library System Philadelphia Free Library System Narberth Community Library MCOL ESL Tutor IHM Center for Literacy Rosemont College Library Valley Forge Military Academy Library


Drexel University, MS Information Science and Technology 1998, LMS 1999 University of Pennsylvania, German language studies 1993

My Projects

Icon activity.jpg Current

My Media...

Icon activity.jpg My Profile


xxxThe Community Media Space

My 2nd sandbox

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

. Space for a Portuguese version of my wiki. Space for a German version of my wiki. Open_Clip_Art_Library Einstein page by Gladys. Edwin's page we used in the wiziq session.
Facilitating Adult Learning: A Textbook for Educators of Adults An open source textbook on Adult Learning started by Sandy Causer.
[[2]] User:Redcamarocruiser/my_reflection

Mary Ziller, aka Redcamaroruiser practice account for editing

wikipedia:Sunflower big yellow flower. wikieducator:Adult_Education This one does not work. So, I assume the syntax is only for wikipedia? / Adult Education | Adult Education [| Adult Education]

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mp3 file of an ESL dialog at the elementary level. Click play to hear the dialog.

media:trilingual response.mp3

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mp3 file of a trilingual response to the podcast project Bildung im Dialog Click play to hear the recording.


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  • Open education resources such as wikipedia, wikinews, travelwiki, wikiversity, can be peer reviewed for quality control.
  • The advantage of using something like the Open Educational Resource materials (OERs)provided in wiki communities is that you can dispense with copyright worries. They are all made to be freely redistributed and you can legally create derivative works from them.
  • In regard to creating OERs I have been thinking about copyright. It varies from country to country. In the U.S. copyright laws can be found at the Library of Congress.
  • When creating an online course at an accredited university there are two main considerations that stand out.
1) The copyrighted material you use cannot be distributed in a public forum. You must limit the sharing of the materials to students who are enrolled in the course, and it must be password protected.
2) The digitized (scanned) copyrighted material that you use in the course cannot be saved on the server after the course is finished. You have to remove it from the server when your course finishes.
3) In addition, the amount of the material you may legally use under fair use (sorry it has another name in th UK which escapes me at the moment, maybe fair dealing?) should be comparable to the amount that you would use in a face to face classroom.
  • One outcome of my reflections regarding copyright is I coined the word copyfright and published the definition at The Urban Dictionary].
n. 1. Copyfright is a brand of copyright that strips the author of all of his rights. It is so airtight that the author cannot even publish his own work to another journal or post it on his home page without giving credit to the publisher ;
n. 2. The state of shock induced by restrictive copyright compliance regulations.
adj. pertaining to practices of restrictive copyright applications such as coprfright police, copyfright nazi, copyfright conglomerates, copyfright industry giants.
  • Example:

OERs (Open Educational Resources) are one way around the copyfright restrictions. Prime examples of OERs are Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wikiversity, Wikiquote, Wikitionary, and Wiki books. They operate under free licensing like creative commons and GNU.

  • Example:
Q: Why does Dave look dazed?
A: He just read the contract he has to sign to get his research published and is suffering from copyfright.
  • Example:
The contract that the best and most prestigious publishers require researchers to sign before agreeing to publish articles is blatant copyfright.
  • Example:
Don't let copyfright intimidate you from freely sharing your knowledge. Choose free licensing to disseminate your work online, and bypass all the copyfright legal traps.
  • Example:
In academia in order to become well known and get tenure, you have to sell your soul to the copyfright monolith.

See also copyleft

And copyright


The following code is from User:M._A._Halim 's page [3]

Expertise.pngMy areas of expertise

Abiword abi.pngESL:

GIFbutton.gif Yahoo groups, Email English Teacher, 1981-‘82

Sbbutton.gif Blogger, Redcamarocruiser, 19xx-2009

GIFbutton.gif xxx, xxx 2009-09

Sbbutton.gif xxx, xxx, date-2009

GIFbutton.gif xxx, xxx, date-date

Sbbutton.gif xxx, xxx, yyyy-yyyy

GIFbutton.gif Member, Wiki course, eL4C33, 2009--

Edu miscellaneous.pngTeaching

Button4.gif xxx

Xxx.jpg xxx Work:

Butterfly.gif xxx, xxx, yyyy-yyyy
xx 2006- Till now
Butterfly.gif xxx, xxx, yyyy
GIFbutton.gif title, Job 2009

Xxx.jpg Training:

xxx, xxx [4]
xxx, xxx [5]
Training, transcript course [6]
xxx, xxx
xxx, x
xxx, xxx [7]
xxx, xxx - x[8]
xxx, xxx–xxx [9]
xxx, xxx[10]
xxx, xxx[11]
xxx, XXX [12] and XXX[13]
xxx, xxx[14]
xxx, xxx [15]
xxx , xxx[16]
xxx, xxx xxx[17] and xxx[18]
xxx, xxx[19]
xxx, xxx
xxx, xxx [20]
, xxx[21]
xxx, xxx [22]

Butterfly.gif WikiEducator..

  • is a self-organizing community and complex learning ecosystem.
  • is a content development platform for open educational content and resources (OERs)
  • is a values-based community focused on freedom and openness
  • uses free and open source software
  • provides free hosting and technical support
  • offers free wiki skills training
  • is your strategic partner
  • has an innovative Value Proposition and Publishing model
  • supports you in facilitating stakeholder engagement
  • offers global, national, regional and local opportunities to support community development and growth and sustainability of your project(s) AND community-of-practice

(text extracted from Pilot Projects page) by User:M._A._Halim

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