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After reading this tutorial, you will be able to

  • create a subpage in the free Google Sites site.
  • create a main page from scratch, if you do not already have a main page in Google Sites
  • create a new unrelated page
  • link your subpage to the home page of the site you created
  • understand how to alter the order of links in the sidebar

STEP ONE Read the tutorial. Click on the images to enlarge them.

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  • What do you already know about your topic?
  • What do you want to know?
  • Be prepared to sum up what you learned at the end of the project. Log your progress in your learning log as the project progresses.

Download the tutorial in odp format, Part I
Download the tutorial in odp format, Part II

Also available at <flash>file=Subpagetutorial_files.swf‎|width=800|height=600|quality=best</flash>

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Key points

To create the page or make a contribution to a page you need to:

1. go to and log in. Then you have access to edit.

username: your.account

password: ********

This is to log in to the site you are contributing a subpage to, not necessarily your own google sites site. You have to be logged out of your own google site and gmail accounts in order to log in to the site you will add a subpage to, in order to edit the home page and create related subpages.

If you are in your own gmail or google site, any page you create there will not be connected to the group porject page, but only to your own personal account page.

2. Once you are logged in to the group project account, click on the link for the home page of the project. Don't click on the “create new site” button. It will create a site that is not part of the group site.

3. Then click on the create page button when the home page opens up. The screen that appears next has a choice to "put page under home: name of home page." Click into the radio button for that choice.

4. Type a name for your new subpage in the Name field above the radio buttons. Then click the "Create Page" button.

This will bring you to your new subpage, which you can edit. You can insert a picture by clicking on the Insert link at the upper left (under the Google logo).

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Key points

5. When you are done editing, click save (upper right under My sites link).

6. Copy your subpage´s url so you can paste it into the sidebar in the next step.

7. Then click on the link to the homepage.

8. On the home page at the bottom, click on the "edit sidebar" link.

9. When a white page with boxes opens, click on the edit link in the top box, called Navigation.

10. That opens a widow called Configure Navigation. Click on the add URL link toward the bottom of the window.

11. That opens a little window with two fields where you have to paste in the URL of the page you created (which you copied earlier) and you need to type the name of your page as you want it to appear in the links in the sidebar of the homepage.

12. Click OK on the little window.

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Key points
Now your new page appears in the Configure Navigation box.

13. You should move it above the Contact Me link. You can use the arrows to move it upward.

14. Next when that window closes, click on Save changes on the white page with boxes.

15. Now when you go to the homepage, your subpage should be there and working.

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I. Designing the Web site
  • Choose a topic for your website. Examples: Famous Quotes, My Poems, My Short Stories, Funny Jokes, Tongue Twisters, Games, Songs, Nursery Rhymes
  • Pick the template that fits best to your topic
  • Find or create images to illustrate your topic. Hint: Wikimedia Commons is a good place to look for royalty free images.
  • Find or create other media (sound and video) that fits to your topic.
  • Decide how many samples of Quotes or another topic you want to include on each page.
  • Decide how many subpages you need to cover your topic adequately.

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II. Cite Your Sources
  • Create a Webliography
  • Cite Title
  • Location (URL)
  • Author
  • Copyright Licensing

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  • Create a home page in Google Sites.
  • Create at least one subpage, more if your website design requires it.
  • Place a link to the subpage in the sidebar of the home page.
  • Insert images and other media as appropriate to your topic.

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Write a paragraph describing what you learned. Include a graphic that sums up your learning experience.


  1. Use the rubric below and compare with this rubric to evaluate your work. You can ignore the html component since Google Sites does not require you to master html.
  2. Evaluate your learning partner`s web site according to the criteria in the rubric below.