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1. Project Definition / Scope

  1. Describe the problem you are having/issues you want addressed.
  2. What do you believe the gap is / what do you want help with?
  3. How does this project tie into your organizational strategy -- as an organization, what do you want to achieve, and why?
  4. How does this project tie into your core functions?
  5. Who are your stakeholders? What is their timeline for change?
  6. What (approaches, factors, performance interventions have you tried that have worked/not worked ? Why/Why not?
  7. Who, and what, are possible areas of resistance to change or transition -- to a new system or way of operating?
  8. Have you decided how you will measure success? Is there openness to other success metrics?

1a. Process & Technical Issues

  • How 'open' do you with this project to be? (i.e., communications, software, etc.).
  • What is your preference for the following Options?
  1. an open, secure collaboration space (i.e., WikiEducator) -- no fees for installation, set-up, data storage and maintenance
  2. a closed, secure collaboration space (i.e., your own wiki) -- fees for installation, set-up, data storage and maintenance

2. Project Budget

  1. What is your budget?
  • For Option 2, in Section 1a:
    • Have you budgeted (or have access to) funding of this hardware/software support?
  1. What is your policy regarding advance payment, or payment terms (i.e., 25% upfront)
  2. Describe how do you do business – sole-source, proposal, competitive bidding
  3. When is your fiscal year end?

3. Project Contracting

  1. When do you want to start / finish the project? (are dates set or flexible)?
  2. Who has signing authority -- Are you the able to contract directly, or do you have to consult with someone else / a committee? Board of Directors / other?
  3. For Option 2 in Section 1a:
  • Who are your IT contacts, and have you had conversations with them regarding signoffs and approvals (we can discuss this).
  1. What is the contract amount level (thresholds) that you have, before you have to get higher stage approval / additional signing authority?
  2. Who will be responsible for this project? Who will the contractor report to?
  3. Do you have Terms of Reference (TORs) and/or a job description available?