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As per our conversation, I am writing to share some information about AS, our activities and people involved.

We are writing to invite you to be our feature "Something School" for our 2009 edition of Vancouver's Adopt-a-Mom project.

This initiative will help give educational opportunities to mothers and children who would otherwise have none - in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh (one of the poorest cities on Earth)

How it works

  1. The Adopt-a-Mom project is promoted by media and various associations
  2. The funds raised go directly to AS - a registered Canadian charity in Vancouver, BC (which provides literacy, numeracy and lifeskills training to mothers and children)
  3. Once you learn who your winning bidder is, you can select either a long or short meeting at one of our donated venues, which include hockey and performance arts entertainment, lunches and dinners. The meeting with the bidder is held at a mutually convenient date and is hosted to ensure that the meeting is friendly and enjoyable. Meetings can be rescheduled if necessary, as our bidders understand the busy lives of executives.

Adopt-a-Mom Project

We would like to a fund-raising partnership with your school, involving three events, one for each season of your school year:

  • Autumn: “Moms and Apple Pies”, in which participating students are asked to donate apple pies for sale, possibly in connection with another school event such as Family Night, Science Fairs, etc, with proceeds to be donated to Amarok Society.
  • Winter: Student production of a short, amusing but meaningful play, “When Wendy/Wendell Woke Up in the Third World.”, with proceeds from ticket sales to be donated to Amarok Society.

What You Can Expect

  • material for displays, and educational material about this neglected part of the world.
  • honourable mention in our ads..

It works!

  We hope you will help us raise funds and awareness for this deserving charity.

You can learn more at:


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