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Contact-new.svg Promila Kumar
Employer:Gargi College
Occupation:Associate Professor
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  • Watch your "thoughts",they become words.
  • Watch your "words", they become action.
  • Watch your "actions", they become habit.
  • Watch your "habits", they become character.
  • Watch your "character", for it becomes your destiny.
    --H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Name: Promila Kumar
Education:Ph.D(Mathematics), M.Sc.(Mathematics)
Specialization:Mathematical Programming
Nationality: Indian
Profession: Teaching
Designation: Reader

I graduated from Hindu College(University of Delhi) with B.Sc(hons.) Mathematics in 1978, securing 2nd position in the University, followed by M.Sc.(Mathematics) from the same college in 1980, securing 1st position in the University.I completed my M.Phil(Mathematics) in 1981.I did Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of Delhi with specialization in "Mathematical Programming",1999.I had 15 research papers published in various journals of international repute.
I joined Gargi College in 1983 as a Lecturer. The present designation is Reader (Associate Professor). Before that I worked in various colleges of University of Delhi (Janki Devi Mahavidyalya, Shri Ram College of Commerce and Mata Sundri College) for approx. 2 years, on temporary basis . Apart from teaching at Gargi, I am also taking post graduation classes in the University of Delhi as a visiting faculty and guiding an M.Phil student. I have been presenting research papers in National and international Conferences in India and Abroad for the past few years.

This is my Contribution



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My College

GitaWEGargi 2.jpg GitaWEGargi 1.jpg

  • Gargi College is a Women's College.

  • Gargi was a well known scholar of the Vedic period with exemplary intellectuality and supreme spiritual attainment.
  • Gargi College is a constituent college of Delhi University with a mission that every student who passes through the portals of the college emerges as a wholly developed individual symbolizing the spirit of enterprise and inquiry that characterizes Gargi.

  • Gargi College has been adjudged as University Grants Commission (UGC) Certified College with a Potential for Excellence in the year 2004.
  • Gargi is nowadays counted amongst the best colleges in the University of Delhi.

  • Gargi College hosts its annual cultural festival REVERIE. This year it was held on 19th, 20th and 21st November 2008.
  • The theme for this year's festival was "Myriad of Colours" and the whole college was vibrant with colours showcasing the theme of the event.

This is logo of Gargi college

Gargi logo.jpg

These are some Internal Links:

Geeta Kitchlu, Sangeeta, Manju, Gita Mathur, Arshmeet, Bhawna, Deepti, Pooja, Vaijayanthi

My Department
My Country
This is me

My Interests

I feel happy and contended if I am:

  • Playing outdoor games

  • Sharing my knowledge with others

  • Sharing my experiences with friends

  • Helping others

  • Cooking for food lovers

Abiword abi.pngMy Publications

I have published15 research papers in various Journal of repute. To see the list click the link below
My Research Papers

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