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Contact-new.svg Dr. Preeti Pant
Employer:Gargi College, New Delhi.
Occupation:Reader in Psychology
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Today is: 18, June 2024
(Comment.gif: Dear Preeti, Welcome to WikiEducator. Great progress for Day One. Already into colours! keep choosing the right colours. Best Wishes. Gita -- Gita Mathur 12:16, 12 January 2009 (UTC))
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=My Profile=


I am Dr Preeti Pant.Presently I am working as Reader in the Department of Psychology,Gargi college.My specialization is in clinical Psychology.Most of my research work is in the area of drug addiction,including drug abuse and drug peddling.



M.Phil. and Ph.D in psychology


  1. social service
  2. reading

About my college

Gargi college was established in 1967.Presently it has 3 academic streams namely Science, Arts And Commerce.It has a unique reputation of sending out bright,vivacious and disciplined students over the years.It is one of the best colleges of Delhi univ. GitaWEGargi 2.jpg

Careers in Psychology

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