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Contact-new.svg Janet
Employer:University of Queensland
Occupation:Research Officer
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Stuff about me

My name is Janet and I am from Brisbane. I have just submitted my PhD, and am about to start work in research and teaching. My field is Environmental Chemistry and aquatic toxicology. I am particularly interested in wastewater and water recycling.

Things I like


Things I do

{{I too, enjoy my textiles. I meet with a group twice monthly. We recently completed a cooperative expression of 'emerging' for a research colleague. I will get a picture of to share. --cherry 05:15, 4 September 2009 (UTC)}}

Where to find me


My sandbox
(Comment.gif: Hi Janet, You have make a great work keep in touch and i wish to meet you on the next workshop feel free to write to me at any time. Markos)