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Contact-new.svg Payton Sondashi
Employer:SLQ Enterprise
Occupation:Applications Developer
Other roles:IT Consulting
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My sandbox

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Development in Zambia


I am Payton Sondashi born in the Northern Province of the country, Zambia and like reading.


My job is to manage day to day projects for Software Liberties Quest. I have over 10 years of software development, capacity building expertise and training. I have shepherded software projects through all stages of development: from inception, design, development, and testing to deployment, support and marketing in environments for various organisations especially educational institutions.

I contributed to the development of;

  • Community Education Computer Society - (CECS) ICT Training Manual CECS
  • Free Knowledge for ICT Literacy Portal
  • Free/Libre and Open Source Software through FLOSS Developer Roadshows Africa, Hosted by CSIR, Aspiration Tech and the Meraka Institute.
  • Computers for Zambian Schools Computer Skills Training Manual - CFZS

I am a member of the following organisation

  1. The Global Development Network
  2. e-Brain
  3. SchoolNet Zambia
  4. FLOSS Developer Roadshows Africa

I have great passion to initiatining software development projects projects that make and promote better use of software technology to enhance effeciency and increase productivity. in testing and recommending appropriate FLOSS for especialy for civil society and non profits. I am also enthusiastic about FLOSS platforms and development environments.

I love my country Zambia

Redhat Linux Ubuntu Linux Suse Linux Java Programming using Netbeans IDE

Why I Joined this workshop (expectations)

I would like to build a professional resource site that will provide information on some FLOSS alternative solution that are even to better to proprietory

my family, etc.

I live in Kabanana Site and Service with my wife

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