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It's such a shame that the world still has not learned how to love.

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Julius Nadolny
Just try it; we (your community) will support you
Contact-new.svg Julius Nadolny
Website:Community Empowerment Collective
Other roles:Deputy Web Smith, Translator and Coordinator for Community Empowerment Collective; Volunteer for Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V.; JUSO-member
Languages:German, English, Italian, Spanish, French
Country:Germany Flag of Germany.svg
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Bachelor degree in Spanish and English Linguisitics received in Kyiv National Linguistic University (Kyiv, Ukraine). I dream about studying International Affairs in one of the European universities. I am opened to new knowledge and currently studying Portuguese by myself.


I like communication and different means of it. Sometimes I have "inspiration" or even "satori", in this moments I am ready to hug all the world. My aim is to make such things happen more often.


Languages (I would like to learn more - Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish and more and more); Sports (I practice swimming); Geopolitics; Geography; Nature; Industry; Transport; Urbanistics.

Plan or Project for WikiEducator

I am working with the Community Empowerment Collective.


Today is: Monday, 22 April 2024
The time is 09:20, Zulu (i.e. at Greenwich)

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