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Contact-new.svg Nana Akwasi Amoako Agyeman
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Occupation:Development Chief
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My Profile

In Ghana, I am known as Nana Akwasi Amoako Agyeman. I was born in Canada and grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan, with the name Rod McLaren. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Saskatchewan in 1971, I took a two year teaching contract in Ghana through CUSO, returning to Canada, to a series of careers, including five years as a consultant to Saskatchewan First Nations; farming in my home community; as well as a 21 year stint as owner and manager of a wood stove business plus a full line hardware store. In 1976, I traveled to Ghana and married my wife during the first visit of many back to this country of incredible potential and possibilities. In 2001, Comfort and I returned to Ghana to make our permanent home. We built and operate a beach side hotel, the African Rainbow Resort. In 2004 I was installed with my new name as the Nkosuohene, (chief in charge of development) of the Edubiase Traditional Division of the Adansi Traditional State of the Ashanti people. This new "career" is an unpaid life time position which brings with the honour of the position the hopes and expectations of the people who live in the 200 towns and villages in my area. It is this opportunity which has brought me to WikiEducator. There are a number of projects which I have begun working on and/or have envisioned despite a severe shortage of financial resources to see them to fruition. I am always on the lookout for resources that we can tap into, and this is a project that holds out that potential, with the additional benefit of perhaps being able to repay something of value in return.
Nana Akwasi Amoako Agyeman, Edubiase Nkosuohene

My interests

I'm interested in:

  1. Alternative construction methods and materials, particular those which are low cost and renewable
  2. Traditional societies and cultures and the threat to them from globalization of particular interest are Ashanti people
  3. Environmental issues of all types, since we live in a global world
  4. Networking with educators to share educational resources

My Website, blog and contact particulars

Main contact is through my personal e-mail address: nkosuohene@gmail.

A blog has been created to provide updates regarding the Charity, African Sankofa Fund, which we have created in Canada to support some of our projects here in Ghana.

My Sandbox

Some Poems

Images from Busua

Musical Libation

Slivers of Light

Notes and Comments

  • Thank you so much, Nana, for writing on my User Page and, more importantly, for all the good things you are doing for Ghana. I hope we will be able to colaborate in WikiEd as we go along.--Philbartle 09:44, 6 February 2009 (UTC) (AKA: Oboheneba, Nana, Kofi Bediako Akenten)